1. Those hard AP classes really do prepare you for college.
  2. You may not keep in touch with all of your high school friends, but that makes the two or three you do stay friends with even more special.
  3. The first round of tests of the semester is always awful.
  4. Community bath isn’t really that bad.
  5. Sometimes you don’t have to open the book you bought for the class. So be sure you find your text books as cheep as possible. Slugbooks.com is a great for this.
  6. Sometimes you meet your best friend because of a terrible group project.
  7. Find Spanish Club. Join Spanish Club. Love Spanish Club.
  8. The lower level classes for your major might be your least favorite… ironically…
  9. Stress paralysis is a real thing.
  10. I need sleep. Naps > Coffee
  11. Late night walks with a friend are always worth it.
  12. There is more to life than studying and grades. Getting a B isn’t the end of the world.
  13. You have a lot more free time. So start a blog. :)
  14. Find a free workout class {Zumba} and join it.
  15. If you have a cafeteria meal plan, use it. Don’t buy a lot of meal food to keep in your dorm because then you won’t use the meal plan and thus waste money.
  16. Sometimes you skip class. And that’s okay. But do it wisely- as in, get notes from a friend, check the syllabus to see if your’e going to miss important information that day, check the professor’s attendance policy, don’t skip exam days, and don’t make a habit of skipping class.
  17. You need that friend who you can tell anything to and know they won’t stop loving you for it. And you need that friend who will tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  18. Don’t text after you just woke up. Otherwise, one Sunday you might tell a friend that you and your roommate “ate Judy going to big church” instead of “are just going to big church.” Big difference there.
  19. Invest in a good pair of running shoes that are cute. Because then you’ll get excited to work out, even if you don’t typically enjoy exercise.
  20. Go to your school’s traditional events. Like class skits or a pageant. Go to football games and stand in the student section. Deck out in school colors. Enjoy being a student at your school.

20 Lessons from Freshman Year


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    1. Kara Beth Post author

      Stress paralysis is horrible! It’s where I feel so stressed I just need to sit or lie down and not move for a while. Crying is also a valid option.


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