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I love Valentine’s Day! It’s my second favorite holiday (following Christmas Eve). I love the hearts, the flowers, the lace, the hearts-with-words-on-them candy, rocking red and pink on everything… *Sigh* And get this–I’ve never gone on a Valentine’s Day date before. Nope. My love for the day is completely unrelated to this thing called “boys.” I have discovered over the years that most singles don’t love Valentine’s Day as much as I do. Critics call it a “Greeting Card Holiday” more »

Disney Love Songs

Happy February!!! I love February, simply because I love Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day so much, but I’ll explain why more in a later post, so check back for that :) Anywho, the one thing better than Valentine’s Day, is a DISNEY THEMED Valentine’s Day, am I right? This is where you nod your head and echo “You’re right.” Thank you for your participation :) So, I am going to be sharing with y’all my “Disney Love Song Playlist” more »