This is the day that the Lord has

The Joy of Mondays??? Yup. You read it right. Mondays can be joyful. Every December, as soon as Christmas passes, everyone gets SUPER excited for the New Year. Because with the New Year comes a second chance, a hope that things will be different this year. It’s a time for resolutions and goals and dreams. Why then, if we look forward to the New Year, do we not look forward to the new week? Mondays are the start of the more »


When going off to college, you have a fantastic opportunity to visit churches on your own– without your parents or  anyone else to guide you. This may seem scary, but finding a local church home in your college city really isn’t all that difficult.   1. Visit churches. Duh. But really! Actually visit churches, don’t just talk about visiting churches. Visit a church on your very first Sunday of college. I know it’s scary– I was terrified. But if you don’t more » thanks to God the Father through him... Col. 3:17

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Counting blessings. AKA- ideas mentioned around the time of November, when everyone becomes excited about turkeys and football. As I’m sure you know, being grateful isn’t just for Thanksgiving. It’s a way of life. It’s finding joy in the hard times, and giving thanks even when things look bleak. Counting blessings should be as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, I often choose the path marked by discontentment and complaints. And this is something I want to change. I don’t want more »

The Pros and Cons of Attending a Local University

Ah, the ever debated question: Do I want to attend a local university… or do I want to see the world? At least, it’s a debated question among high school students in my town, because there’s an amazing university right here on our doorstep that often looks overlooked. Not a junior college, but an actual university… that happens to be in our town. …and I ended up at said university. Thus, today I’m discussing the pros and cons of attending more »

Happy birthday Dad!

Dear Daddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for always helping me… …such as when I need you to drop off something I forgot at home in my car, …or when I have car trouble, …or the WiFi isn’t working, …or when I just need a stick of gum. You’re always willing to teach me something new… …like when I was little and asked what the solid and dashed lines on the road meant, …or how to vote, …or how to make banana more »