You are worth more than sparrows

In a small village, there was the custom that whenever a young man wished to marry the girl he was courting, he would offer the family a dowry composed of as many cows as he deemed equal to the worth of the girl.  And in this village, there was a decidedly plain girl. She wasn’t extremely ugly, but she wasn’t beautiful either.  She was completely ordinary. There was nothing special about her. And everyone whispered that this young girl would be worth only one more »

The Story of My Not-Purity Ring

No, I’m not engaged. Now that we’ve cleared that up, I want to share the story behind my “purity” ring. Because, it’s not really a purity ring, as in a ring I wear until I’m married to show that I refuse to have sex. Nope. In fact, I plan on wearing this ring even after I get married (and have sex). Instead, my ring is a reminder. …A reminder of what? Glad you asked :) But first, some background info: more »

My thoughts on having a blog.

I have a blog. A beautiful little piece of the internet that I love. A blog which contains the word “coffee” in her title. I don’t even really like coffee. The only types I like is a white chocolate mocha or a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino from Starbucks. I don’t think drinking only two types of coffee classifies as a coffee addict. I honestly prefer hot chocolate. With a pump of peppermint. Yum. But “Hot Chocolate with Kara” doesn’t quite more »

Instagram Recap Feb 2015

So, I recently saw a fantastic idea to publish Instagram roundup posts (via Betsy Gettis’ blog). I decided I would start doing a monthly Instagram recap, just for fun and to share some snapshot moments from my life that month. So, I think these posts are basically just going to be pictures, with the captions from Instagram. Here we go…         That’s the end of February’s recap :) Until next time! No related posts.