As I sat down on the pew in church this morning, the thought struck me: I just lied to her. Kacie, the children’s minister, had just come up to me and gave me a hug, and asked: “How are you?” I automatically responded “Good, how are you?” and instantly there was a pang in my gut. I lied. I hadn’t meant to lie… it was like my brain went numb and the words had flown out of my mouth on more »

If Jesus is in Your Boat...

It started out like any other day. Sure the weatherman had forecasted rain for most of the day, but he says that all the time. I only expected a few short showers here and there like we’ve been getting the last few weeks. So yesterday, my family and I ventured out into the rain to meet up with three other families at the mall’s movie theater to watch Tomorrowland. When the movie ended and we were leaving the theaters, we naturally more »

20 before 20

So, I turned 19 on Sunday. And at some point that day it hit me that I only have one more year as a teenager. Around Pinterest I’ve seen some other people have created a “Thirty Before Thirty” bucket list for themselves. I rather like that idea. However, since I’m not in my twenty’s yet, I thought I would create a “Twenty Before Twenty” list. And, considering I only have one year to complete these tasks, I thought of practical- more »


So often I find I don’t tell God “thank you” when he answers my prayers. It’s not like I’m not thankful He answers prayers- I am!- I just forget to actually thank Him. Especially when I consider my prayer requests to be insignificant. What’s up with that?? For example, I often quickly pray for safe travels when I’m driving. And when I arrive safely at my destination, I forget that prayer ever happened. God answered my prayer, but I treat more »

Silly (1)

Silly is better than serious because… 1. Silly is better than serious because sometimes your parents want you to take a “cute-Easter-Sunday-picture” with your brother, but you really don’t feel like taking a normal picture. 2. Silly is better than serious because sometimes you and your friends want to lean dramatically from a lamp post…at night…after a movie… 3. Silly is better than serious because sometimes you just feel like dressing up like sailors and making the bathtub be a boat. more »