Emily from Monograms & Moscato nominated me for the Liebester Award! Yay! Thanks Emily! For those of you who have never heard of this award, it is for bloggers who had under 300 followers AND it’s a great way to learn about new blogs. {So go check out Emily’s blog!! She just launched it, and it’s super cool!} So how this works is I answer the eleven questions Emily asked me, and then I list eleven random facts about myself. Lastly, more »

The Red Light

It’s my first official day of college. I sit at my desk in my dorm room working on a Spanish assignment. Distractedly, I fiddle with my pencil. The college group at the First Baptist Church had passed out fliers for a back-to-school part, and they were going to watch The Lion King and eat ice cream. I really want to go. I love The Lion King. Besides, it’s my first day of college. I should go do something fun. I more »

Words to live by

Several years ago, one of my dearest friends and I were planning to host our youth group’s first Operation Christmas Child packing party. We were excited for the big day to come so we announced the party in youth group and in the church builtin. As the day of the party grew closer and closer, we were worried. What if nobody showed up? The party couldn’t be a success without a bunch of people coming and packing shoe boxes. I more »

Top Ten Memories Freshman Edition

My first year of college ended about a month and a half ago, and I figured it’s high time I do a quick recap of the year. So, today I present you with the top ten memory countdown- freshman edition. Here we go :) 10. Welcome Week Welcome Week was a blast! I met lots of awesome people and made some really great friends. My “family group” and I played a bunch of crazy games, ate Frosty Cones, learned about more »


I love rollerskating now. Which surprises me, because when I was eight or so I thought I would abhor rollerskating forever. You see, I had a very traumatic rollerskating experience when I was eight. The local homeschool group rented the skating rink, and so my family went. I didn’t know how to skate well, so I stayed near the wall. Eventually, the DJ called for a couples skate, and my mom and I started skating around the rink holding hands. more »