Concerning Cooking...

I’ve only been back on campus for a little over a week now but that’s apparently plenty of time to have more than a fair share of kitchen adventures. Who knew cooking could be such a learning experience? ;) Basically I’ve learned this week that I’m nowhere near food-blogger status. Oh wells. Maybe someday. Anywho, here are my kitchen adventures from this week. 1. Our first night in our apartment, my roommate and I cooked a frozen pizza. And we discovered more »

What The Lion King teaches us about running away from our problems

“Dad! Dad! You gotta get up! Come on, we gotta go home!” Simba nudges his head against his father’s face. It drops hard. He leaps up and tugs on his father’s ear. No response. Simba’s eyes widen and he frantically calls for help. Tears flood down his face. Out of the mist comes his Uncle Scar who scolds Simba. “Simba. What have you done?” Scar proceeds to feed Simba shame and doubts. “If it weren’t for you, he’d still be more »

The Intention of the Artist

Yesterday in my Intro to Theatre class my professor randomally pulled up Google Images and started showing us photographs of horses. Okay then.  He asked us to describe the photos using adverbs or adjectives. “Majestic.” “Black.” “Strong.” “Graceful.” He then showed us some drawings of horses- kinda like coloring sheets. He asked us what the differences were between the drawings and the photographs. And then we compared the coloring-book-like-pictures to full out hand-drawn, detailed images of horses. He asked us more »

The Joyful Girl's Guide to College

This post contains affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, if you purchase something through these links I will receive a small commission.  When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you ever check social media while you await the snooze? I’m definitely guilty of this. Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, Bloglovin’, Instagram, and now Periscope- they all need to be checked right away so the little red notification bubble can go away. (I can’t stand those red notification bubbles!!) more »

God is good ALL the time

Late night cry sessions with Jesus are becoming common for me. And during those cry sessions, I’m learning to not only cry out to him, but also to read about his promises in his word. At the beginning of this month I had one of these cry/ Bible reading sessions and wrote down 22 verses for the brokenhearted. Wednesday night during my cry session, I turned to Lamentations, instead of the Psalms. “For the Lord will not cast off forever, but, more »