What I missed while abroad

So, one night while in Costa Rica I was feeling exceptionally homesick and so I decided to grab my journal and a pen and let my emotions explode on the paper. The following is what happened: I miss my ukulele. I miss blogging and the stress that comes with it. I miss MBC {my Church}. And Traci and Kacie and the kids there. I miss doing laundry whenever I want. I miss hot sunny days. I miss hot showers. I more »

Don't let people go by unseen. Don't let (2)

Dear high school senior, Welcome to your final year of high school! I bet you thought this year would never come, that you would be stuck being an underclassman for eternity. Well, I’m pleased to tell you that you are now the top dog at your school and with that position comes a unique opportunity. You are one of the eldest students at your school. The younger classmen will be looking up to you. They’re watching to see how you more »

I am the girl who...

I am the girl who wears mixed matched socks, all the time. I’m the girl who would rather wear socks than go barefoot- even when she sleeps. I am the girl who grew up on Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy reruns. I am the girl who is a complete cat person. Cats are the best pets ever. I am the girl who grew up playing with miniature American Girl dolls instead of Barbies. I am the girl who, as a child, divided up her more »

That day I explored a volcano and a bunch

One of my absolute favorite days in Costa Rica was the very first Saturday we were there. Our professors planned a very busy and full day for us full of adventure. My fellow students and I were expected to be at ICADS, our school, at 8:30 that day. Once we arrived, we boarded our bus and took off for the Irazu volcano! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely breathtaking. The crisp air was very cold, but the ground itself was warm from more »


Have you ever been a part of a flashlight egg hunt? It’s my favorite way to hunt Easter eggs. When I was younger, my parents would host a flashlight egg hunt at our house for their 5th and 6th grade Sunday school students. The day after the big hunt, my brother and I would run to the field behind our house, Walmart sack in hand. We picked up dozens of eggs that were just scattered in the grass- in plain more »