New Year Goals

Like many students, in my mind the new year starts in August, not January. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! **Throws confetti** My sophomore year is about to begin. Next Thursday I move back on campus- I can’t wait!! I’m so excited to see how my roommate and I decorate our apartment. I’m excited to see all my friends again. I’m excited to be on campus again! I love my university! In the light of this new year, I thought I more »

Looking for a study abroad packing list? Here's what one student took with her. Great list!

Hola!! Last month I had the AMAZING opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica! It was a blast and I had so many adventures, many of which you will read about here. :) This is the first post in The Chronicles of Costa Rica series. :) Today, I’m giving y’all a peek into my suitcase. Y’all can use this as a study abroad packing list if you’re studying somewhere! Here we go… -Study Abroad Packing List- Clothes: 4 t-shirts 6 more »


As I’m writing this post, it’s 1:54 A.M. I can’t sleep. I’ve been sobbing for the last two hours. I have a broken heart right now (for reasons that aren’t mine to tell), and I need Jesus to pick up the pieces. So I’m searching for Bible verses that contain truths about how God is close to the hurting, and how he will never leave me. Because he is, and he won’t. And in my heart I truly believe that. more »