Seasons are beautiful. Each brings new excitement and activities to look forward to. In winter there’s Christmas and New Years and Valentine’s Day and the hope of snow. In spring there’s Spring Break and Easter and wild flowers alongside the road. In summer there’s the Fourth of July and no school and swimming pools and beaches and Vacation Bible Schools. In autumn there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving and football and changing leaves and pumpkins. Each season comes with hopes and dreams. more »


IT’S OCTOBER EVERYBODY!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!  You know how Olaf from Frozen feels about summer? {“I don’t know why but I’ve always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot!”} Well, that’s how I feel about October. {I can’t wait for October, and fall, and all things pumpkin!} I’ve been looking forward to October pretty much since August ended. Here where I live in Texas, September is a weird month. It’s not really summer, but it’s not fall either. I guess more »