loved fb

I want you to know that you are loved. February is commonly referred to as “the month of love” where sweethearts shower each other with roses and chocolate. This is great and all, but so often it sets us up for disappointment. Whether you have a sweetheart at your side or not, the valentine season can be stressful and bittersweet. There always seems to be comparison associated with this holiday. Just think back to our elementary school days when it more »

Frozen FB

As you already know, I love Disney’s Frozen. Another red-haired princess and a queen voiced by Idena Menzel? Oh yeah! Anywho, I’ve already discussed why I love Frozen, so that’s not what this post is about. Today we’re discussing what Frozen teaches about love. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. If you haven’t seen Frozen yet and plan on doing so, do NOT keep reading. Go watch it and then come back ;) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Okay, so now that the disclaimer more »

In His Footsteps --

“Greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13 Thursday evening came, and the disciples and Jesus gathered in the upper room of a small house in Jerusalem so they could observe the Passover. Jesus “knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world to the Father-“ in other words, Jesus knew he was about to die (John 13:1). He probably looked around His group of disciples, his more »

Abiding in love

“Wove, twoo wove!” One of my favorite scenes of The Princess Bride is when Princess Buttercup and Humperdinck have their very-rushed wedding. The Princess Bride doesn’t relate to what we’re talking about today, but I couldn’t begin a post about love without referencing this quote ;) Anywho…. This month in our Abide study we’re going to be focusing on how we can abide in Jesus’s love and how we can love others as well. I thought it would be fitting to talk about love more »