God Redeems

The following is a guest post by Hannah of tosharecareandlove.com I was one of those kids who grew up in church. I knew all the songs by heart, went to Sunday School, and was living (and leading) a Christian life, but that didn’t save me. My dad was a pastor, so I had always known about Jesus, and believed He existed. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the ripe old age of 7, and knew in my heart that He more »

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Discontentment is an easy trap to fall into. We see someone who has something we don’t have, and we think that thing is pretty cool. We begin to admire that thing. Wonder what it would be like if we had it. We wonder why we don’t have it. Wonder how we could get it. BOOM. We’ve fallen into discontentment. It can happen with anything. When we’re little, it happens with our friends’ toys. Maybe they had a trampoline, or a more »

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The following is a guest post by Diane of Happy Wife and Mother Dear Sisters in Christ, So pleased and excited to be able to share here today as a guest post contributor for Kara.  My passion is to encourage women in their calling as daughters of the King!  To encourage them to truly embrace sweet womanhood whether single, dating, courting or married.  You see, a woman full of faith, understanding, wisdom and joy in believing is something to behold. more »

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Today’s guest post is by Rhiannon of Whatsoever is Lovely Living I have always loved flowers. My favorites are pink Gerber Daisies. I love how God designed the flower to start off as a tiny seed then with time and the right elements this seed begins to transform into a plant. The plant then grows into a bud and from a bud we see a beautiful flower emerge. This is a lot like what God did in my life. During more »

Singleness and dating as told by Blimey Cow

Ah Blimey Cow. They make my Mondays :) In case you haven’t heard of Blimey Cow before, they’re a group of Christians who post fantastic, sarcastic videos about Christianity, relationships, college, and homeschooling (to name a few topics). They’re super funny and also very helpful, because they say what most people don’t say. They point out flaws and cliques we fail to see, and help shine truth on a matter through their sarcastic and satirical outlook. That being said, today more »