God Writes Unique Love Stories

It seems like just yesterday my childhood best friend and I were dressing up for our pretend weddings. These weddings always took place during her younger siblings’ nap time. We would quietly slip upstairs, and then get ready to say “I do.” We would take turns being the bride and the groom was always my friend’s giant stuffed animal dog who we pretended was the man of our dreams. The other one of us would be the minister, proudly pronouncing more »

JBG's MEW 2016

Hola, hola mi amigos! I’m so excited to announce that this May Joy Because Grace is having a Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) and you are invited to participate!! May I have more details, please?  Glad you asked ;) What: MEW is going to be a week of missional-themed guest posts. These posts will cover aspects such as one’s personal mission experience(s) (be it in one’s native country or out of country), and why missions are important to the Christian faith. When: more »

Deciding it's okay.

The following is a guest post by Victoria of Through*For*By When I was growing up, I expected to have my life come together by the time I was 23. In my mind, this meant that I would be established and would know exactly what I was doing and everything would make sense. I don’t know why I had that age in mind, but I thought and lived as though that was the goal. By the winter of my 20th year, more »


IT’S FINALLY TIME!!! Whoo hoo!! I’ve been wanting to rename CWK for like forever now! And the time has finally come! So I’m happy to introduce y’all to Joy Because Grace. “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith…” -Ephesians 2:8 We have joy, because we have grace. Because Jesus saved us from our sin and ourselves, we have joy. There is joy in our lives because there is grace in our lives. This fact shouldn’t change more »

The Path to a Modest Lifestyle

Modesty. If there was a list of all of the controversial topics within the Christian faith, modesty would definitely be on the list. We know it’s important, but what does it mean? How short should skirts be? Are spaghetti straps sinful? What about makeup- how much is too much? Is braiding hair wrong? All of these questions (and more) have lingered on my mind at one point or another. But here’s the thing: none of these “rules” are important. The more »