4 characteristics of a godly friend fb

Today Lo from All That Motivates is talking with us about Godly Friendships. Do your friends share your faith? When I look back at the friends that I’ve had through out my life I can tell you right now not all of them were Christians. Some claimed to be, some wore the title but didn’t live the life, and others were very blatant and bold in their choice to not believe or simply not to care. I would never shut more »


Do you want to be bold for Jesus? I mean audaciously bold for Him- where you have no fear of telling others about Him or even just bringing Him up in a conversation. Yeah, me too. :) Ever since my mission trip to England, I’ve been reading through the book of Acts. One of my favorite stories in Acts is when Peter and John healed the lame beggar (Acts 3). The beggar had been sitting by the temple gate and more »

how to incorporate faith into your relationships (2)

Today I’m happy to announce that Kathryn of downhomedamsel.com is sharing about faith’s role in the modern dating world. Faith in the modern dating world Dating in the modern world is no easy feat for many of us. I’ve found myself feeling discouraged relationship after relationship and simply wondering why things just didn’t work out. I would occasionally vent to my mom and friends saying things like, “We didn’t communicate well, He wasn’t ambitious enough, He just wasn’t that into me.” more »


I recently took a mission trip to northern England. During the training and all through out the trip there was an emphasis placed on the fact that as Christians our lives are a mission trip. Our leaders wanted us to know that when we got back to the States, our trip wasn’t over. We still are tasked to tell others about Jesus, even in our hometown. As Christians, we are called to live missionally. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in more »

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Hey lovelies! :) As we’ve discussed before, praying for our future husbands is so important. I hope you’ve already read the posts on why, how, and what we should pray for our future husbands. {If not you can find their links below.} Well, today I’m so excited to announce a free eGuide I’ve put together for you that will provide you with 5 examples of how to pray scripture over your future husband. You most certainly don’t want to miss more »