Chatbooks are pretty much my most favorite thing ever. I discovered Chatbooks through the families I babysat for this past summer. The moms used this simple way of scrapbooking as a way to record their kids’ lives. Well, I don’t have kids, but I am a busy college student who wants to physically record my adventures without breaking the bank. And Chatbooks is a great way to do so. It’s so fun! If you’ve been around Joy Because Grace for more »


Antes de empezar este artículo, quiero decir que este es mi primero artículo que he escrito en Español en este blog. Entonces, por favor perdona algunos errores. :) ¡Gracias!  You can read this post in English here.  Ahora empezamos… Quiero estar valiente. Quiero vivir mi vida con la confianza y la gracia. Pero, muchas veces es muy difícil hacer eso, especialmente cuando estoy estresada o me preocupo. Típicamente tengo miedo porque no sé el futuro y temo que algo horrible more »


Hey y’all! The past two years I’ve written a post on Thanksgiving, listing who I’m thankful for. I wrote these posts while sitting on the couch watching Miracle on 34th Street with my mom. Well, that didn’t happen this year. The past two years, Thanksgiving day was pretty chill, and we would then have our big extended family Thanksgiving that Saturday. This year, we had our big extended family Thanksgiving today. So I had no time to watch Miracle on 34th Street, nor did more »


Want to know something I think is pretty bizarre? I write a blog about singleness.  The fact that I have this space to voice my frustrations with this season and write down encouraging thoughts that others- that you!- can relate to completely amazes and humbles me. Because I don’t have this singleness thing figured out. No. Way. José. I’m constantly struggling with discontentment and jealousy- down to the point I even deleted my Facebook and Instagram apps for a while. more »


Once again, I’m in awe of how it doesn’t matter what circumstance we are in, we can still be thankful for our singleness. We don’t need some idealistic, perfect scenario to come true in order for us to give thanks to God for singleness. Our circumstances may change and our histories may be starkly different, but our God is the same. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a relationship before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently come out more »