Hi my name is Mystic and I am 18 years old. I am still in high school till May. I just got done taking a CNA class and I am about to become a CNA. I love to do charity work to help the community. I love painting, drawing, and puppies. What’s your singleness story? My singleness story is nowhere near perfect. But it’s mine and I love it and thank God for it! So this is my singleness story: more »

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Sometimes as singles we like to exaggerate our situation in our heads, thinking things like “EVERYONE is dating but me!!” even if we know that isn’t true. But when all of your closest friends are in dating relationships, and you’re not? It’s a tricky situation. You want to be genuinely happy for your friends- and so often you are. But, there is the occasional drop of jealousy that stirs in your heart, tempting you towards discontentment. My two best friends are currently dating someone more »