Here on Joy Because Grace, we’ve discussed praying for our future husbands quite a bit. We’ve discussed why it’s important, ways we can pray for them, and what we can pray for them. I’ve even created a “Praying for Your Future Husband eGuide” you can grab for free. However, we haven’t really discussed the personal benefits of praying for a man we’ve never met. Now, I’m not saying here that the only reason we should be praying for our more »


Hi everyone! My name is Frannie Ruth. I am Catholic and almost 19 years old, I live in Wisconsin on a small farm with my parents and six younger siblings. I am a prospective Animal Science Major as well. I currently work odd kitchen jobs in a restaurant, run our own farm, and babysit. I love reading, learning, babysitting, writing, drawing, praying, farming, and showing livestock! What is your singleness story? I’ve been single my whole life, I’ve never been more » (38)

Last year I rounded up my favorite singleness/dating videos by Blimey cow and compiled them into a blog post for your viewing convenience. Since then, they have made more hysterically funny videos on this topic, and so I just had to share them with you! :) Some background though, in case you don’t know who Blimey Cow is. Blimey Cow is composed of two Christian brothers who are now somewhere in their twenties (Josh and Jordan), Josh’s wife, and some more » (35)

A few months ago a reader emailed me and asked if I could write a blog post about what it means to give your heart to a guy.

“By the way could you do a blog on what it means to give your heart to a guy? I’m not sure I understand what it all means. Because can’t you give your heart just by your evil thoughts?”
Quite frankly, this question stumped me. Which is why the blog post she requested is just now being published– I had to think about this some!


Hello!!! I’m Diana. I’m a 30 year old girl from South Florida. I work in sales and for fun I like all things creative. I love journaling, writing letters, and making jewelry. What’s your singleness story? My singleness story is so tied to my salvation story that they go hand in hand. Before I knew Christ I was always seeking approval and love from other people. This was especially true in my dating life. If I felt unloved or rejected more »