Hello!!! I’m Diana. I’m a 30 year old girl from South Florida. I work in sales and for fun I like all things creative. I love journaling, writing letters, and making jewelry. What’s your singleness story? My singleness story is so tied to my salvation story that they go hand in hand. Before I knew Christ I was always seeking approval and love from other people. This was especially true in my dating life. If I felt unloved or rejected more »


My name is Lauren and I’m 23 years old from South Africa. I am currently employed as a banker and financial advisor. I am an avid reader, addicted to Google (I google EVERYTHING), and I am generally a home body. Me time is the best time! What’s your singleness story? I started dating very late compared to my peers. I had my first actual boyfriend at 18 once I finished high school. I was generally very scared to start dating more »

Singleness Survey!!

Last year around Valentine’s Day, I surveyed about 50 singles (not married- so single or dating) about how they viewed singleness, the pros and cons of singleness, among other things. And now, it’s time for this year’s singleness survey!! So if you are single (meaning NOT married), I would love it if you could fill out this brief survey. Thank you so much! (If the form below doesn’t work, you can access the singleness survey here.) Loading… Thank you so more » (32)

I asked the married women who are a part of The Peony Project, “If you could give a single Christian sister any advice about her single years, what would it be?” and was blown away by their responses. More than 25 women responded with great tidbits for us. Since so many women responded, I must warn you now. This is not a good post for skimming. However, this is a great post to sit down on the couch to read, more »