Presently, I am a high school Spanish teacher and I also teach kindergarteners twice a week. The other day when I entered a kindergarten classroom, one little five-year-old ran up to me, smiled sweetly, and then exclaimed, “You look fat!” My first reaction was to look down at my clothes, thinking, “Oh no! What am I wearing today?” I saw myself in a pair of navy slacks and a blue shirt with a pale yellow cardigan. An outfit choice I more »


Hey friend! I am so excited to announce that this Wednesday is the start of a 40 day long Facebook live series!! :) This series will cover topics such as prayer, worship, reading the Bible, singleness, dating, sex, etc. I don’t want to give too much away in this post, but I’m super pumped up about it! I will be going live on Facebook around 5 p.m. CST every day Monday-Saturday starting this Wednesday and going until the Saturday before more »


Love. The golden word for the month of February, am I right? I think February is one of my favorite months because I love Valentine’s Day so insanely much! But I also love the emphasis on love this month brings. You see, God designed each of us with the need to feel loved. I absolutely LOVE the way Megan put it: “You see the thing is, we humans need to know we are loved. We are extremely needy, every single one more »