Welcome back for part 3 of the modesty series!

Today we’re going to discuss helpful hints for dressing modestly, but before we dive in I want to make sure that you have come up with your own personalized modesty guidelines. If you haven’t yet, go do so and then we can continue on.

Find out how to create your personalized modesty guidelines.

4 Helpful Hints for Dressing Modestly:

Figuring out how exactly to dress modestly can be a challenge, but here are four helpful hints for dressing modestly to get you started.


Alright, so now that we know what we personally are comfortable with wearing, let’s dive into some helpful hints for dressing modestly.

1. The ultimate test for modest clothing

Here’s my ultimate test for modest clothing:

Whenever I’m in the dressing room, I look in the mirror and ask myself, “Could I worship God in this and focus fully on Him and not my appearance?”

This question applies to everything- from ballgowns to bathing suits.

When I’m swimsuit shopping, I ask myself, “If I were to go to a worship night on the beach, could I wear this swimsuit and have my focus fully on God and not on me?”

This doesn’t mean we should dress modestly for church events and that’s it. Worship should be something we’re doing all the time. Worship- like modesty- should flow from our hearts into all aspects of life.

2. Wardrobe hacks for dressing modestly:

I LOVE this vlog by Girl Defined Ministries. I’ve used all five of these hacks before. If you’re wanting to know some nifty tips and tricks for dressing modestly {even in hot summer months}, I recommend this video:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, these are the five hacks they discussed:

  1. Cutting jeans into shorts
  2. The tie-around
  3. The long cardigan
  4. The safety-pin
  5. The camisole

{Do go back and watch the video when you can though, because they go into detail on these 5 hacks and it’s sooooo helpful! :) }

Bonus hack- I have one more hack that Kristen and Bethany didn’t mention in their video:

You know those shirts that are low cut but super cute? An easy fix for this is wearing a cami underneath your shirt.

Sometimes though, if it’s super hot, camis can be uncomfortable. Or, sometimes I can’t adjust the cami to be the height that I would like.

So, something I do is to get an old cami and the cut it so it’s just the top part. Then I use safety-pins and attach the fabric to my bra straps. Voila! Now you have the coverage that a cami provides without wearing the actual cami :)

3. To make swimwear more modest…

Once you’ve decided on your personal boundaries for modesty, you may want to consider carrying those guidelines over into your swimwear.

If you’d like a more modest option when it comes to swimsuits, something I’ve found to work great is wearing a tennis skort instead of a swim skirt. It still has the cute look, dries fast, but tennis skorts are usually longer and provide a little more coverage.

If I choose to wear a swim skirt instead of bikini bottoms, I want there to be more coverage anywho. Most swim skirts though can sorta float up when you’re in the water and it makes no difference if you’re wearing a skirt or bikini bottoms. That’s why I go the tennis skort option.

Usually though, I by-pass swim skirts/ tennis skorts all together and go with dry-fit athletic shorts (you know, the ones that have the underwear lining in them). There’s so many cute options, and they work great in the pool!

Another option would be to go with board shorts. I haven’t ever worn these, so I can’t fully recommend them, but I know of girls who have. :)

4. Need inspiration for how to dress modestly?

Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you have to dress in not-so-cute clothes. In fact, you can dress modestly while still looking absolutely adorable!

For inspiration about how to dress modestly, I recommend the Instagram accounts @freshmodesty@hellomodesty, and @allthingsallisonmarie. Rebekah, Olivia and Allison post such cute outfits!!


Shopping day outfit! Seriously though, I love this dress. It’s so cute and comfy! You know that black dress from Old Navy I talked about a couple posts back? They were on sale for $15 and I got this one! They are perfect for summer! _ I paired it with some basic Rainbow flip flops, a cute watch, a simple necklace, and my new purse that I talked about a couple days ago! I’ll be wearing this outfit a ton this summer! _ What is your favorite summer style?? Let me know in the comments!! ?? . . . . . . . #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #Christianblog #Christiangirl #personalblog #purse #dress #rainbowsandals #watch #necklace #summer #summerdress #summerfashion #modesty #modestfashion #shopping #oldnavy

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Following girls who post cute, modest outfits is great for 2 reasons:

  1. Provides you with inspiration
  2. Reminds you that you’re not alone in this modesty-endeavor

There you have it! 4 helpful hints for dressing modestly! :)

Know of any other Instagrammers who post modest outfit inspiration? Leave their usernames in the comments of this post so others can follow them too :) 

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