I’m new to this whole dating thing.

My boyfriend, Caleb, and I have only been dating a mere five months. Before that, I had always been single. So, when he and I started going out, I wondered how I could be a good girlfriend. After all, I had zero experience in that area.

So, I did two things:

  1. I looked in the Bible for girlfriend advice
  2. I looked on Pinterest for girlfriend advice :P

Confession: At first was able to find a whole lot more of girlfriend advice on Pinterest than I could in the Bible.

There isn’t exactly a “Dating Chapter” in the Bible. There isn’t a section saying “Thou shall do ABC on a date and thou shalt not do XYZ.” In fact, the word “dating” isn’t mentioned in the Bible at all.

Great. How then will I know how to be a godly girlfriend? I wondered.

One day, a month or so after Caleb and I started dating, the Holy Spirit brought a Bible passage to my mind that I had memorized when I was 12.

I slowly began to quote it to myself, and I realized that here is the passage I’d been looking for! Finally! A passage about how to date in a godly way!

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Christian dating can be hard, especially if you're new to it. Here are seven scriptural ways you can become a godly girlfriend.

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