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I have always loved flowers. My favorites are pink Gerber Daisies. I love how God designed the flower to start off as a tiny seed then with time and the right elements this seed begins to transform into a plant. The plant then grows into a bud and from a bud we see a beautiful flower emerge.

This is a lot like what God did in my life.

During my teenage years I was very shy and withdrawn. I was a confirmed introvert that struggled with talking to people or stepping out of my comfort zone. I did not like how I was, but I was so insecure in myself that I stayed that way because it felt safe. If I never talked to others I could never say anything stupid, besides what are the chances they would like me anyways.

I was bound by this way of thinking for years. I wanted to be accepted, but I did not even accept myself.

Looking back now I find it funny that I was willing to accept anyone into my life, but I wasn’t willing to accept myself.

When we are unsure of our worth or we doubt our abilities we search for others to approve us and like us because more often than not we do not approve of or like ourselves. When we feel insecure in who we are we search for affirmation from how others react to us. Sadly, this is not a solid foundation to plant your feet on. Until we find affirmation in whom God has created us to be we will spend our life on a never ending cycle of searching for acceptance.

In 2012 I started Lee University. I was still very insecure in whom I was and what God could do with me, but I went anyways. During my two and a half years there finishing up my B.S. God transformed my life.

You see, I had been the seed, I had been the tiny sprout, I had even been the stalk with full green leaves and a cute little bud ready to blossom, but I had never bloomed.

While I was at Lee God slowly stripped away my insecurities and my doubts. I was seeing for the first time in my life that I had abilities, and I had a calling. I had spent a long time wondering what God would call me to and if He even wanted to use me anywhere, but this experience was the boost I needed to open my petals and begin to be the flower God had designed me to be.

Insecurities keep us bound. They hold us back from discovering our potential in God. Insecurities are lies from the devil and even though they are not easy to overcome you can overcome them.


3 Steps to Overcoming Insecurities

Insecurities keep us bound. They hold us back from discovering our potential in God. Insecurities are lies from the devil and even though they are not easy to overcome you can overcome them. 3 things that helped me overcome my insecurities were:

  1. Getting in the Word. It sounds simple and cliché, but when I say get in the word I don’t mean a verse a day, I mean dig into it. The Word of God is so rich and refreshing. If we are not taking time to invest in pouring it into our souls we are not grabbing hold of all the tools God has for us.
  2. Write out what you struggle with and find a verse that counters it. For example, I struggled with insecurities about my appearance so I took to quoting and writing Psalm 139:14, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” The more I spoke it the more it became a truth in my life. The Word of God is powerful when read and even more powerful when we declare it over our lives and our insecurities.
  3. Tell God exactly how you feel. I grew up not really thinking I could get real with God. I thought I had to try to be happy for Him all the time. As I got older and I read some of the Old Testament prophets I realized God is big enough to handle my emotions. It is better for us to take our emotions, doubts, insecurities to God then it is for us to search for answers anywhere else. He is the God who made us and He is the One who will help us through our life questions.

My sweet friend, if you are struggling with feeling insecure in your appearance, your ability, your life, know that you are not alone and know that there is a God that longs to remove all your doubts and replace them with confident love. You may be a seed, or you may be a stalk don’t try to bloom before it is time, but during the growing absorb as much of the Son as you can. Bask in His goodness, His light, His warm love. He is the only one who can nurture us to the point of blooming.

God took a young, shy, insecure girl and transformed her into a woman that confidently speaks the word of God with boldness and joy. I no longer hide or doubt who God created me to be. I walk in His calling for me and because of His loving care I am now secure in who I am and Whose I am.


RhiannonHi! I’m Rhiannon and I blog over at I am the proud wife of my college sweet heart, Andrew, and we have a 14 month old beautiful princess. I am passionate about loving life, living the Word, and serving Jesus. I also love coffee, a good book and cloudy days.

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