So often I face the temptation to compare the story God is writing in my life to the story He is writing in someone else’s. Can you relate?

We look at how they are serving God or how God is using then or listen to a beautiful testimony… and we feel inequitable and not useful. We forget that we have a unique and special story to tell and a unique place in the body of Christ.

To illustrate this point, I want to point out the ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Each ornament has a unique story to tell, and I’d like to tell you the story of 4 of my favorite ornaments….

Every ornament tells a story.

Ornament Collage 1 (1)

1- I made this ornament last year with a group of my college buddies. A local art shop came to Not Hogwarts with a bunch of ceramic Christmas ornaments for the students to paint. We had so much fun decorating our ornaments. I love this ornament because it reminds me of my university and the great friends I’ve made there.

2- This is my “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. I have always loved this ornament and it has been one of my favorite ornaments throughout the years. Plus, Precious Moments ornaments are always super cute.

3- My family and I found this ornament while we were on vacation to Branson, Missouri when I was about 8. It has always been a challenge finding my name on things, and when I was little this always made me sad. So when we found this ornament, we had to get it (and a “Kyle” one for my brother as well).

4- This ornament is extremely special to me. I was in a musical production of Brigadoon the summer after my junior year of high school. The people in this musical were amazing and I love them so much. The following Christmas, we had a reunion party and at that party we made these ornaments. We attached a bow around the hook and passed them around for everyone to sign. Now it’s a great keepsake which reminds me of one of the best experiences of my teenage years. 

Just like ornaments, we have a unique story to tell.

Just like ornaments, we have a unique story to tell.

Each person is different and unique. We all have a story to tell. And, as Christians, we have a beautiful love story of redemption to tell.

Our story may not look like the person sitting next to us, but you know what, that’s okay. Each story is important.

It’s important to remember that each ornament has a purpose.

Each one may have a special story and meaning, but by themselves, they’re just a small decoration with a string. It’s only when all of the ornaments come together on the Christmas tree that they form something spectacular.

Ornaments are all unique and they all tell their own story. BUT they also have the commonality of the Christmas tree. And when each ornament takes its rightful place on the tree, all of their uniqueness blends into a beautiful display.

Christians are the same way. We each have a personal testimony, but when we come together as a body of believers unified by Jesus, our light shines as bright as a Christmas tree in the dark.Like ornaments, Christians each have a personal story, but when we come together as a body of believers unified by Jesus, our light shines as bright as a Christmas tree in the dark.

There are many other similarities between Christians and Christmas ornaments. In this video I’m sharing five of these similarities. 

So what is your story? How has God uniquely written your life? How can you use your story to share God’s ultimate story of salvation with others?

And what is our story? How can we corporately share what Jesus has done for all of us?

When we come to worship God together, from all walks of life, our stories (the unique ornaments) blend marvelously into one overarching story of God’s grace and redemption (the Christmas tree).

Never forget that you are special and unique with an important story to tell. And never forget that you belong on the Christmas-tree-body-of-Christ.

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