So, Halloween was lots of fun :) I dressed up in the ceiling fan costume I made last year, and then spent the day helping one of my besties, Bre, make her Halloween costume. She decided to be a scarecrow, and I had a blast stuffing her with straw.

While we were at the dollar store buying costume supplies, I stumbled across some foam swords. And got really excited. Because foam swords are awesome. So I bought 3 swords so Bre and my best guy friend, Caleb, and I could have an epic sword fight later.

And epic it was.

We turned on the theme from Pirates of the Carebian and fought all around the courtyard of Caleb’s apartment complex. Every now and then someone would walk by and give us a weird look. It was fabulous.

And as an epic sword fight eventually ends, so October had to end as well.

I’m kinda bummed. I love October! It’s 100% my favorite month. BUT since it is now November, you know what that means…

It’s time for all things Christmas!!!!!

I totally started listening to my Frank Sinatra Christmas album on Sunday (November 1st). It’s quite happy and calming.

On Sunday I also decorated my apartment for Christmas. I know you may be thinking that November 1st is too early for Christmas decor… and you would be right.

Usually I prefer waiting to decorate until Black Friday. After all, Thanksgiving does come before Christmas. However, since I have to leave my on-campus apartment for Christmas break, this only gives my roomie and I two weeks after thanksgiving before Christmas. That’s not a lot of time to enjoy decorations.

Thus, I decorated Sunday.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


**Note the pumpkins on the shelves. Yes, I realize it’s still technically fall. Yes, I’m incorporating fall decor with Christmas decor. Because Thanksgiving does technically come before Christmas.


We’re not allowed to use nails or staples or anything, so I hung the pine cones and ornaments from Command hooks. I also taped the garland to the command hooks above the window.

I had left over pine cones and ornaments, so I placed them into a vase. I think it adds a nice touch.


I bought my Christmas tree April 2014 for $5 at a garage sale. Whoo hoo! And it’s the perfect size and I love the burlap around the base. I bought the ornaments and bows at Walmart last year.


I’m so excited for Christmas! It’s gonna be great.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to *try* to blog more consistently than I have been. October was an insanely busy month, full of papers and projects. November seems like it’s gonna be just as busy, if not more so, but I really want to put this blog higher up on my priority list. Like, above Netflix.

It would help me out a lot if you would take a minute to fill out this reader survey. Your response will give me inspiration to know what to write about that will best fit you and your needs.

Merry Christmas! Happy November!

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