Today I’m showing y’all the Blimey Cow special, The Christmas Feeling, because 1. it’s fantastic and 2. it points out that Christmas isn’t about us- it’s about Jesus and giving to others.Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do :)See it here


Fifteen years ago today, my brother, Kyle, was born. This post is in honor of his birthday.So, Happy Birthday, Kyle!!! The Day Kyle was Born…. Three-and-a-half-year-old-me woke up that morning, excited for Christmas which was coming in a few days. I ran into my mommy and daddy’s room… but they weren’t there.Confused, I tiptoed down the hallway and decided to check in the kitchen. They weren’t there either. They also weren’t by the washer and dryer- I checked there next.I more »


I love Christmas movies! I sometimes pull them out in August and watch them then :) Today, I’m going to list **some** of my favorite Christmas movies. The Best Christmas Movies… 1. It’s A Wonderful Life My all-time favorite. We watch it every Christmas Eve :) *Sigh* Photo Credit: www.imdb.com 2. Annie (1999 Version) The soundtrack is A-Maze-Ing!!!  PC: www.imdb.com 3. Christmas in Connecticut I love this movie! It’s so funny!!  PC: www.moviepostershop.com 5. Scrooge I love this version of Dickens’ more »


Christmas Eve is my absolute favorite holiday, even above Christmas! Here’s what we do… 1. At somepoint during the afternoon we bake and decorate Christmas cookies for Santa. 2. We always go to our church’s Christmas Eve service that evening. I love the end of the service when we light our candles and sing Silent Night (my favorite Christmas song). 3. After church, we go and pick up cheese pizza and take it home. 4. We eat the pizzas while more »


I find it ironic that I had planned to talk a lot the broken shepherd today. I scheduled my 12 days of Christmas posts way back during thanksgiving break. My computer crashed today. Funn. Currently it’s drying out. Hopefully it will be okay. *Praying hard* Anywho, today I was supposed to talk about the broken shepherd. You see, when I was little my family had a porcelain nativity scene. While my mom would read to me, I would play with more »