Through out the years, many books have become my dear friends. Three book series in particular have come to me, held my hand, and helped me through an era of my life. They walked with me, encouraged me, taught me truths about life and God. The books made me laugh out loud and thus brightened up my day. Sometimes, they would even make me cry. Even through it all, I loved them very much. So, I would like to take more »


Do you remember when you were young and your parents bought a new washer or dryer or refrigerator, and you were so excited? Not because you were old enough to care about the appliances, but because it meant that you would be able to play in the box?Me too. In fact, I still would play in boxes if I could fit. A few summers ago, my friend and I had the bizarre idea to have a box themed Bible study/party for girls. more »

Shoes 2

That I can’t fall asleep unless I’m wearing socks   That I’m addicted to cran-grape juice That I saw Tangled more than 20 times in the first year of it’s release That I’ve never painted my nails red That I adore waltzing That ducks are my favorite animal That I love exploring That I used to loath Spanish (which is now my major) That if I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to New Zealand  That I more »

So, just wanted to quickly share one of my new favorite blogs :) It’s by Erin at Living in Yellow and you should totally go over there RIGHT NOW and read some of her stuff. She’s such a good writer, and some of her posts are so stinkin’ hilarious. Love. It. And her blog design is adorable. By the way.


I go back to college tomorrow! Christmas break went by so fast, and I can’t believe it’s over.Here are some highlights from my Christmas break…. My roommate and one of our friends stayed at my house for the first weekend of break. It was very fun! We watched Disney movies, Christmas movies, knitted and crocheted. We also drove around and saw Christmas lights. During break, I was able to hang out with one of my friends from high school. She more »