Merry Christmas

…And it’s Christmas Time now! *Whew* Finals were intense. The tests themselves weren’t that bad; I just hated how the only thing to do all week was just studying. That’s it.And all my friends were studying too, so I didn’t want to interrupt their studying to hang out with them. There was nothing else to do. I couldn’t even go to class to pass the time! (And if I was wishing to go to class, you can bet I was bored!) more »


December: nativities, and decorations, and candy canes, and Christmas trees, and lights, and (paper) snowflakes, and cookies!I love December! I love how everything is decorated for Christmas, and there’s a joyful and peaceful feeling I have during the month.There’s just something so exciting about celebrating the birth of Jesus for an entire month. Unfortunately, December is also the time for finals. Oh joy. As a result, I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks in order to adequately prepare for my more »

When the world seems to fall apart around us, it can be really hard to find a reason to be thankful. However, by keeping Jesus' example in mind, we can learn to give thanks even in the hard times.

It can be super easy to be thankful for the good in life. Food, water, family, shelter, Jesus, you know, the traditional answers to the “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?” question. Being thankful for happy things, is fantastic. It is a great place to start when beginning a journey to be thankful in all things.  However, we can’t stop there. Giving thanks isn’t a suggestion; it isn’t a nice thought, nor is it something we can just do more »


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having a wonderful day with family and friends!Today is relaxing for my family. (Saturday we’re going to my Grandparents’ for Thanksgiving with our extended family.) We woke up and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, while eating our traditional Thanksgiving morning oatmeal. Then, we started to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Later today, we’re going to have a Thanksgiving meal, just the four of us. Every year at Thanksgiving, my mom places five kernels of more »

Take the

This is a week of giving thanks, a week of gratitude, a week of gratefulness. Typically, on thanksgiving day, I make a list of everything that pops into my head that I’m thankful for. Most likely this year won’t be any different.I had a thought, however. What if I tweeted with the hashtag “so thankful” every time I thought of something to be thankful for.  After all, thankfulness is a way of life, not just one day on the calender. more »