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 “The more I seek you, The more I find you, The more I find you, the more I love you… “-Kari Kobe

Have you found yourself asking why prayer and reading the word is just no longer enough for you?  That question has been pondering in my mind lately.  I keep up with my morning prayers, devotionals and quiet time with the Lord.  But lately, I feel like He is asking more of me.  Prayer and reading His word are essential in our Christian lives; however our relationship with God must continuously be growing in other areas.

God must be first in our lives in all aspects of it and under all circumstances.  God being first not only consist of us making Him a priority in our daily routine but also that He is the one occupying our mind.  I had never thought of this as much as I have the last couple of weeks; until lately I have been occupying my mind on something else.

No wonder I felt like prayer and reading the word wasn’t enough for me.

This morning I realized how important it is for us to keep our mind focus on Jesus, because eventually “Your heart is shaped by your thoughts.  Your thoughts determine who will win the throne of your heart.”-Kyle Idleman.

Gods’ battlefield is our heart, and whatever is in your heart is what our will end up worshiping.  This is something we should constantly be aware of, where are our thoughts today? Who or what are they focusing on?  When they wonder away from God, gently bring them back to Him.  Bringing them back to God is as simple as spending time with Him in silence.


Being in silence is difficult for me, usually because my mind wonders a lot to the next day, work or others.  I am someone who is unable to focus in a project when it is completely quiet, I need noise in the back ground or people to be around me in order to complete my task.

Oh, but God is now asking me to be in silence (I am opening up my heart here, bear with me).  He is now asking me to shut down all social media, turn off the phone, television, no longer read the word in a coffee shop and refocus my mind on Him on silence.

Honestly, this is a terrifying thought for me.  Being in silence must be something easy to do, but for me it is so difficult (maybe I have ADD).   Being in silence is vulnerable because now it’s just Him and I.  I am learning that quiet time (reading the word and prayer) is not the same as spending time with God.  It’s not the same when my mind is focused on something else, and not focus on Him alone.

So from now on Im changing my priorities and my to-do list, I have to make sure I am not only reading the word.  But also spending time with God.  Because when I am with Him, I find peace, my anxious thoughts shrink and shrivel away.  But this only works when I am in silence with Him and nothing else matters.  When I spend time with Him , I simply rest in peace.  The more I seek Him, the more I fall in love with Him!

 “You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You and hopes confidently in You.” (Isaiah 26:3)


rounded profile pic SMGema (Hem-a) Diaz is a beloved daughter of God.  Gema is a Behavioral Therapist and an inspirational blogger by night.  Gema currently resides in Sunny California.  She is a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist student in Grad school.  Gema is working on making her dreams a reality, she looks to encourage anyone who will listen. When she isn’t working or writing she can be found hanging out at a local beach, taking random pictures or at the local coffee shop with her nose in a book. She describes herself as a loving, tender heart and joyful.  Rooted in her faith, her old-soul leads her on adventures to seek spreading hope into the world.

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  1. Anna | SheisJoyful

    This is lovely. And something I’d never really considered as too why my quiet times can seem lacking some days. I definitely need to work on stilling my mind and thoughts and refocusing on my Savior.


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