Hi I’m Whitneye! I’m 30 years old, a teacher, and enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, and writing.


What’s your singleness story?

My singleness story is pretty simple. I’ve been the girl that’s always been the friend guys wanted to hang out with but not the girl they wanted to date or marry. I’ve never had a boyfriend or been on an actual date.

whitneye-2I’ve always watched my other friends date or been the third wheel. I’ve always been a bridesmaid or been part of a wedding in some way. (I’ve actually been in 7 weddings). I’ve always felt like the girl who has gotten left behind.

That is however further from the truth, I know God loves me and He has kept me and protected me even when I couldn’t see it. I’m single by choice but I’m so single by the grace of God.

What’s the best thing about being single?

The best thing about being single is the freedom. The freedom to pour into other singles ladies, to be able to serve God wherever He leads me and not sharing the remote :)

whitneye-1What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to singleness?

My biggest struggle is the pain that I’m not worthy to be loved. That singleness is not a gift, but a burden. I struggle with the fact that singleness is not always celebrated. I feel sometimes I can waste so much time wanting to be married and not fully embracing the life I have now.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your fellow singles?

My one piece of advice I would give fellow singles is to love the life God has given you. Don’t waste a day or a moment wishing this season a way. It really is a precious time. A time where you can fully serve God with your whole heart.

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