I am a NICU nurse and I work night shift and when I am in the middle of my stretch I find I can only manage to go to work and sleep.

elora-3Well, I have been single for the last twenty six years. I also happen to be twenty six years old. Although, my best friend says I cant claim the first sixteen years since I wouldn’t have been old enough to date then any ways. So if I go by that logic Ive been single for the last ten years.

It has not been an easy ten years by any stretch. I have struggled a lot in my walk with God during this time but I have also grown in ways I didn’t even know I needed to grow.

I am and have always been an A student perfectionist and in true A student perfectionist style when something isn’t going the way you want it to you hit the books. And boy have I hit a lot of books of the topic of singleness and Christianity and almost anything that relates.

While I was hoping through lots of reading and studying I would find some clues a reason why I was single. I think that is what a lot of singles want to know. Why? Is there a reason something I can fix or change? What can I do?

elora-2Well despite my best efforts in research I have never found a reason why or something I can fix or change. Instead, what I found was that God is all I need and that when I let him take my fear, my worries, my pain, and all my insecurities I am made whole in Him. He is an amazing and loving God and He loves us too much to give us anything less than what we really need.

I’m still working on finding joy in my singleness, I personally think its a daily commitment to find joy in this season and really every season.

The grass always seems greener and it is too easy to wish away time and think things will be better when… I’m married, I have kids, a different job, or whatever it is you waiting to change. But I’ve found while wishing time away that I look back and find my self wishing that I had enjoyed the previous season more.

elora-1I am hopeful that with that I have learned something about wishing time away and I can stop and enjoy all the beauty this season and each season can offer.

I think that is one of the beautiful things about coming together as group of singles who are choosing to love God and find joy in this season of singleness no matter how hard it might be. And to be there to encourage and uplift each other in this season. The more I have learned about God and faith I have learned the importance of community, and I believe this opportunity to support each other in this community of singleness is blessing.

God Bless,



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  1. Key

    Thank you so much for sharing – I often take my season of singleness for granted and your story mimics my own in many ways. Stay strong in your journey with God!


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