I attend the best Christian university ever! (And, no, I’m not biased.) (Well, maybe a little bit.)
The University of Not Hogwarts (as I like to call my university here on my blog) is absolutely amazing and I love it  so much! I feel so at home here, even though I’ve only been attending college for a little over one semester. I know this is the place I’m supposed to be at. I know God has a plan and a purpose for me here at Not Hogwarts and I am so blessed to attend this amazing school.
I’m gushing (#SorryNotSorry).
Anywho… here are the top four reasons why I love Not Hogwarts:

1. I can learn about God here

From chapel and required Old and New Testament classes, to optional Baptist Student Ministry Bible studies, there are so many ways to learn about God here at Not Hogwarts.
At the beginning of the school year, Not Hogwarts emphasized us freshmen finding a church home to plug into. I love that! I’ve mentioned my new church home many times on my blog, so I won’t go in depth here (just know that I absolutely adore it, and I am blessed among measure to attend that church).
Not only do I learn about Jesus through structured times, like class, church, and Bible studies, but I also learn about him through conversations I have with my friends- which leads to my next point.

2. I have amazing friends here

They are absolutely fantastic! Several of them I met my very first week of college. Others I met because they live in the same hall as me. Still others I met through my roommate.
I could go on for hours about them! But I shall refrain :) But if you would like to know more, I talked about my friends in my 20 things I learned my first semester post, so you can read more about them there.
About the pictures below: 
Left: some of my suite-mates and I (there are 8 total of us in our suite). We were able to decorate our hall for Christmas one day in December (literally one day. Silly fire hazards!) and it was a blast!!
Top right: some of my friends and I after we decorated Christmas ornaments in the student union one night.
Bottom right: Back in October, my roommate’s mom came into town for a weekend. She had my roomie and several of our friends come to her hotel room for chili and games that Saturday evening. 

3. Campus is beautiful

First of all, the grass is fabulous. The grass here is so soft and dewy and so incredibly refreshing. (Which makes sense, because Not Hogwarts runs sprinklers a gazillion times a day. They mist the grass, causing it to turn an even more luscious shade of green, and usually wet the sidewalks as well, turning them a darker shade of brown. One of these days, when it gets warm again, I am going to run through the sprinklers.)
The utter squishy-ness of the grass makes me want to lay down and roll across the lawn. I wish there were bigger hills on campus so I could roll down them. That would be like swimming in a sea of feathers. *Sigh*
Anywho, campus is gorgeous not just because of the grass. There are swings. Gazebos. Trees. Random structures scattered through out (we have a scale model of the first four planets of the solar system. Just the first four). The pond. The prayer garden.Even though Not Hogwarts isn’t very big, I feel like there are many places to explore and new discoveries around every turn. I could just walk around campus for hours. 

4. The student body is phenomenal

People constantly hold the door open for each other. They are friendly as you wait in line for a hamburger in the Dining Hall. The (majority of the) students are genuinely nice and friendly here. ‘Tis quite awesome. Of course there are people I see from a distance and avoid because they seem sketchy, but those people are an exception, not the rule.
And this concludes four of the reasons why I love Not Hogwarts :)

 Until next time!

Blessings :)

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