Is it just me, or does singleness often get a bad reputation? Generally, people tend to think negatively about being single, like it’s just a season to wait around until something better comes along and life can really start.

We often ignore the beautiful and happy aspects of singleness.

Today, however, this will not be the case.

Around Valentine’s Day, I asked my fellow singles* (on the Peony Project and via my personal Facebook page) to fill out a brief anonymous survey about singleness.

{*Single meaning non-married. So some of these responses came from people in dating relationships.}

One of the questions on this survey asked them what they considered the “generic pros” of being single… AKA what they think most people consider good aspects about singleness. These thoughts are what I’m going to be sharing with y’all today.

The bulk of the participants are Christian females ranging in age from 18-24. However, there were also a few males who participated, a few nonbelievers, and people younger than 18 and between the ages 25-40. So we have a broad range of perspectives here.

Fifty-five people responded, and I wish I could share every single thought on this topic, but unfortunately that would take a while.

However, I did find seven common themes in all of the responses. Typically, at least one of these themes was found in each response, sometimes there were even more!

So today we’re looking at these popular positive aspects of being single. My hope is that you’ll use this as an encouragement if ever you’re feeling discouraged about not being married or in a dating relationship.

It can be hard being single, but there are good aspects to this season too. Here are the 7 best things about being single.

1. More TIME

“I have time to peruse my own goals, and time to serve where I feel called. Most importantly, I have time to devote myself to God and my relationship with Him. Without a guy in my life at the moment, I can enjoy my singleness and pursue what God wants me to do. I’m more tuned in to His desires instead of the desires of a guy. It’s a rather liberating feeling!”

“Lots of time to pray and spend time with the girls!”

“Being able to have girls nights all the time with no worries of the significant other feeling left out.”

“Ability to plan own free time without having to consult with someone else.”

2. Freedom/Independence

“You don’t need to consult someone when making decisions about your life. You can go where you want, do you what you want and spend what you want. Your time is yours. Hopefully you make wise decisions, but your life is yours. So, freedom.”

“The freedom of making your own choices, going after your own goals, and not having to shave your legs if you don’t feel like it some days.”

“Freedom to ‘pack up and go’.”

“Independence, the feeling of freedom even in a happy, committed relationship.”

“Freedom to talk to whoever you like without feeling guilty for feeling a certain way, or someone becoming jealous. Not feeling pressured to dress to impress as often. Ooh, and not shaving! Lol!”

3. Time to Build Relationship with God

“I have the ability to invest in myself and my relationship with God in a way that I wouldn’t if I was invested in another person.”

“You are not ‘distracted’ from investing in your relationship with God.”

“You can focus on building your own relationship with God.”

“Time to grow with God and seek His full plan for you.”

4. Time to Build Relationships with People

“I am able devote my time to building friendships with girls and guys alike without people questioning my commitment to my boyfriend.”

“Being single allows you the time to invest in ministry and friendships without having to take a partner into account.”

“More money for family, other friends, and yourself; more time to devote to friends and forming and building relationships.”

“Can be MORE focused on building up other relationships encouraging one another and building each other up in community; being able to relate to other singles and share our struggles and share what we’ve learned in our periods of singleness.”

5. Less Worry

“You do not have to worry about the pressures of constantly keeping up with someone.”

“Not worrying about wearing makeup or body.”

“You don’t even have to worry about talking to guys.”

“Less stress because you aren’t always trying to make them happy.”

“You don’t have to worry about what you look like.”

6. Ability to get to Know Yourself

“Time to explore your passions, discover who you are, getting to know what you want and never having to schedule everything around/with someone.”

“Being able to truly learn to love oneself.”

“Time to really find yourself.”

“Work on becoming a better person.”

“Time to figure out what you want in a significant other.”

7. Ability to Focus on School and Work

“I can focus more on school and work, and be good at both.”

“Time to focus on school and your future job.”

“Focus on academics and your career.”


It can be hard being single, but there are good aspects to this season too. Here are the 7 best things about being single.

There you go! The best things about being single.

I found these results to be very interesting. The fact that fifty-five people constantly repeated the same seven themes amazed me. There were a few other thoughts on the best thing about singleness (such as being able to own as many cats as you like!) but these were the most common replies.

What do you think the best thing about being single* is? Let me know in the comments below :)

*Single meaning non-married

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3 thoughts on “The 7 BEST Things about Being Single.

  1. Felice Raina

    I’m 24 and single and honestly these tips are pure GOLD! It’s so true that during our single years we can really get to appreciate and learn about who were are, our purpose and most importantly learn how to love ourselves even more.

    Felice Raina
    Felice Raina recently posted…It’s Okay To FailMy Profile


  2. Annie

    I think being single gets a bad reputation, but I think it is something SO beautiful. So many single people spend their time wishing they were married, and sometimes, now that I’m married, I spend my time wishing I was single! We always want what we don’t have. I love your list that you’ve complied. You are so right!


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