The word sounded like a curse. Every time I though about how my crush hadn’t expressed any interest in me, I felt deflated. Discouraged. Upset about my single-status.

Every time someone posted a picture of them with their significant other felt like a punch to my gut.

Every time I felt alone, the whispers echoed in my heart “See, nobody could ever love you.”


Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever felt like your singleness defines you?

Have you felt trapped by the shackles of singleness?

Do you believe that this season of singleness is a curse- something to “grin and bear” until something better comes along?


What if it didn’t have to be that way?

3D CoverImagine with me a life in which you feel free to be contently single.

A life where you know and truly believe that God has a plan for you, even before there’s a special guy in your life.

A world where you can smile at your friends’ pictures of them and their boyfriend without feeling jealous of them.


Through my new book Single Conversations, you can learn how all of this is possible.

You will learn how you don’t have to wait to live until you get married. You’ll learn the key to being content in this season of life. And you will learn that you have a Savior who loves you more than words can say.



Ready to get started? :)

You can buy Single Conversations for just $5!

Before I forget, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Kara Beth. I’m a 21 year old college senior who is studying Spanish education.

Let me be the first to emphasize that I was not content with my singleness. I did not wait well to start dating. I did not completely surrender my singleness to Jesus.


Single Conversations is the book I wish I had during the many years before my boyfriend and I started dating. I didn’t know how to handle my singleness, how to be contently single, or how to best manage my single years in order to bring glory to God.

Like I’ve mentioned, I was usually discontent with my singleness, however, I didn’t want to be that way. I sincerely wanted to be content with my singleness and I strived to learn how to become that way.

In Single Conversations, I share what I learned about singleness, contentment, and Jesus during the years before I started dating. I share about the struggles I faced, the discouragements of singleness, and ways I learned to fight peer pressure to “just start dating already.”

My hope is that through the pages of Single Conversations you will find encouragement in your personal walk with Christ, the courage to be content with your singleness, and a new friend.


Who is Single Conversations for?

I believe any single woman can read this book and get something out of it. However, I specifically wrote Single Conversations for young women, ages 16-25.

I personally know the struggles that come from being the teen that never gets asked out. I know what it’s like when all of your friends start getting engaged, and you’ve still never been on a date.

If you can relate, this book is for you. :)




20934266_675190182685278_3890261928625463307_oSingle Conversations has encouraged, challenged, comforted, and taught me how to wait well and use my single years for God’s glory! Reading this book is like talking to a wise friend. I cannot recommend it enough! Its practical tips and godly advice have been such a blessing.”

-Alison (age 17) of



20294149_10209693755762631_1629235513122753704_nSingle Conversations is a necessity for single young women. It’s reassuring that you’re not the only single girl, even though it can feel that way in a world where couples are everywhere you look. It’s so relatable and encouraging- like talking to a friend who gets it, even when all of your friends are in relationships. It reminded me of the gift of singleness and is a great way to find the perception of contentment. I highly recommend this book to any struggling single girls.”

-Cassie (age 19) of


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this book cost?

Single Conversations costs $5.


How long is Single Conversations?

Single Conversations is ten chapters long.

The chapter titles are:

  1. Singleness Does NOT Define You
  2. Learning to be Content
  3. Singleness is a Blessing (I Promise!)
  4. Singleness Myths
  5. How to Wait Well
  6. When Singleness becomes Loneliness
  7. When All Your Friends Are Dating… And You’re Not
  8. Boys, Boys, BOYS
  9. Let’s Talk Future Husband, Shall We?
  10. Making the Most of Your Single Years


What format is Single Conversations?

When you buy Single Conversations it will be sent to your inbox in a pdf.


I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, why should I buy your book when you write about singleness so much on your blog?

Great question! You can certainly access free material on this blog similar to what you will find in the book. However, Single Conversations contains more in depth information than you will find here on Joy Because Grace.



Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about singleness. :)