I love brainstorming ideas! Even if these ideas will never come to fruition, I still absolutely love brainstorming. Brainstorming gives me energy and the thought of all the different possibilities makes me very happy. Four months after my boyfriend Caleb and I started dating, I brainstormed tons of different date ideas for us to do. Have we done everything on this list? Well, no. But I think all of these ideas are super fun and I would like to someday do everything more »


In July of 2016, I was asked out for the very first time. Having been single my whole life, I had no idea what to do! I had no idea what to think! I definitely had a bad case of first date jitters. During the days that lead up to my first date, I scoured Pinterest, looking for advice on how to handle my first date. I read article after article, wanting to know what to wear, what to expect, more »


A few months ago, I saw the movie 17 Again for the first time. And OMGoodness! I loved it SOOO much! (I have no clue why I hadn’t seen it sooner. For one, I love the movie 13 going on 30, and from what I knew about 17 Again I thought it was similar to that. For two, it has Zac Efron in it… and I had a major crush on him when I was 12. #TroyBolton #Sighs.) Anywho… My favorite part was when the more »


Is anyone else SUPER DUPER excited that October is almost here?? I LOVE October. October is my all-time favorite season month. The Pumpkins. The cooler weather. The colors. *Sighs!* This past weekend marked the start of fall (and Caleb and my 8th monthiversary). However, in Texas the weather was still pretty hot. Thus, I can’t wait for the brisk fall weather that will come with October. Since I’m so excited that October is just around the corner I decided to share more »


When I was 14, I chose not to date until I had graduated high school. I think my reasoning back then was that I knew dating should help me find who I’m to marry and I knew I was too young to get married anytime soon. That, and I was still terrified to talk to boys anywho. I never wavered on this decision my freshman and sophomore years of high school. But junior year? Well, I was crushing hard on more »