The Lost Princess SM

Disney’s Tangled is one of my all time FAVORITE Disney movies. I’m kinda obsessed with it. #noshame. When it first came out I would watch it again and again trying to gather all the details in this epic animated film (don’t believe me? Just ask my younger brother. He was so annoyed with how often I would watch Tangled).  Today we’re going to glean lessons from Tangled and learn how this classic fairy tale can be an allegory for our faith. THERE ARE more »

Frozen FB

As you already know, I love Disney’s Frozen. Another red-haired princess and a queen voiced by Idena Menzel? Oh yeah! Anywho, I’ve already discussed why I love Frozen, so that’s not what this post is about. Today we’re discussing what Frozen teaches about love. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. If you haven’t seen Frozen yet and plan on doing so, do NOT keep reading. Go watch it and then come back ;) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Okay, so now that the disclaimer more »

Remember Whose You Are

It was my seventh birthday. I tore open the large present to happily find my very own My Twin Doll laying inside. Thrilled, I picked her up, held her by her hands, and swung her around- right there in the mall food court. Once I got home, I found a pen in my room and proudly etched my initials on my doll’s foot, following the example of Andy from Toy Story. I wanted everyone to know that this doll was mine. More more »

What The Lion King teaches us about running away from our problems

“Dad! Dad! You gotta get up! Come on, we gotta go home!” Simba nudges his head against his father’s face. It drops hard. He leaps up and tugs on his father’s ear. No response. Simba’s eyes widen and he frantically calls for help. Tears flood down his face. Out of the mist comes his Uncle Scar who scolds Simba. “Simba. What have you done?” Scar proceeds to feed Simba shame and doubts. “If it weren’t for you, he’d still be more »