In October 2015, I attended an interest meeting at my university for a mission trip to the U.K. I left the meeting and immediately called my dad. “Sooo I’m supposed to go to England,” I said. I filled out an application and then began to attend training meetings starting in January. Learning more about England and the spiritual darkness there stirred my heart. I couldn’t wait to go! In late February, we were assigned our teams. Three people on my more »


I’m ashamed. Afraid. Worried about what other people might think of me. The opinions of people I barely know matter to me. I want people I just met to like me, before I even know if I like them. If their opinion should matter. When I walk to class, I tend to avoid eye contact with people, just like everyone else does. Eyes straight ahead. Or down at a phone. But that’s not what I want. I want to be unashamed.  Like Rachel more »


When I was 8 I hated my red hair. I didn’t want red hair. I wanted blonde hair, like Cinderella or Aurora. Their gorgeous hair looked so perfect, and I had mega hair envy. When I became a teen, I started memorizing verses about self-image and eventually realized God thought my red hair was beautiful and He made it that way on purpose. Eventually, I came to like it. Occasionally, people (be they friends or random hair stylists) have told more »


I recently took a mission trip to northern England. During the training and all through out the trip there was an emphasis placed on the fact that as Christians our lives are a mission trip. Our leaders wanted us to know that when we got back to the States, our trip wasn’t over. We still are tasked to tell others about Jesus, even in our hometown. As Christians, we are called to live missionally. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in more »

A Missional Testimony

Today’s Missions Emphasis Week guest post is by Andrea of stacking chairs blog (under construction). I stood on the roof with my bible resting open in front of me. I had been reading through the Psalms. The sun had risen just recent enough to leave a little pink hue in the sky, dancing with ambers and light blues. The smell of my coffee almost overpowered the scents from the streets below. A unique mixture of smells from sewage, fire pits, more »