A Missional Testimony

Today’s Missions Emphasis Week guest post is by Andrea of stacking chairs blog (under construction). I stood on the roof with my bible resting open in front of me. I had been reading through the Psalms. The sun had risen just recent enough to leave a little pink hue in the sky, dancing with ambers and light blues. The smell of my coffee almost overpowered the scents from the streets below. A unique mixture of smells from sewage, fire pits, more »

Missions isn't a part of God's plan...

Today’s guest post is by Kimberly of Life by Me I don’t know who said it, or where I heard it but in my Bible, at the end of Matthew I have the following words written: “Mission’s isn’t part of God’s plan. It is God’s plan.” As I think about these words I can’t help but think how true they are and how the New Testament really shares this message. I think that it is important for us to first more »

JBG's MEW 2016

Hola, hola mi amigos! I’m so excited to announce that this May Joy Because Grace is having a Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) and you are invited to participate!! May I have more details, please?  Glad you asked ;) What: MEW is going to be a week of missional-themed guest posts. These posts will cover aspects such as one’s personal mission experience(s) (be it in one’s native country or out of country), and why missions are important to the Christian faith. When: more »