So often I find I don’t tell God “thank you” when he answers my prayers. It’s not like I’m not thankful He answers prayers- I am!- I just forget to actually thank Him. Especially when I consider my prayer requests to be insignificant. What’s up with that?? For example, I often quickly pray for safe travels when I’m driving. And when I arrive safely at my destination, I forget that prayer ever happened. God answered my prayer, but I treat more »


So often I rush the future. For instance, when I was in middle school, Facebook was the new big thing. Everyone of my friends were getting an account and they constantly chattered about it at school. I wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook. I begged and begged and begged my mom to relent, but she wouldn’t budge. The thirteen year old me could not understand why everyone else was allowed to have a Facebook, and I wasn’t. If I could more »

Therefore let us be grateful for

Whatever will come my way, through fire or pouring rain, We won’t be shaken. No, we won’t be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings, together we’ll rise and sing, That we won’t be shaken. No, we won’t be shaken. -Building 429 Guys, we belong to a kingdom that won’t be shaken. We are citizens of the kingdom of God; nothing can shake our King, and nothing can shake us. Why then do we worry? We belong to a kingdom that will not pass away. more »


Big. White. Tent. Middle. Of. Campus. If that won’t get someone’s attention, I don’t know what will. (Well, maybe an earthquake, or a new Disney movie, but just go with me here.) But anywho… last week was my university’s REVIVAL!! Revival is an awesome event that takes place in a big white tent, Monday night-Wednesday night. I was totally only planning on going Monday night, as I had other things happening Tuesday and Wednesday… But after the first night I more »

Do everything without

So, this morning kinda stunk. I didn’t set my alarms right last night, so I woke up at 8:42 for my 9:00 class… and I normally leave for it around 8:47. So, stress. And speed get ready. And panic attack. And I completely snapped at my sweet roomie, who was in the process of asking me if I wanted her to fix me a bagel… So then I felt awful , on top of rushed and stress and panic. And more »