Long-distance friendships can stink… but they can also be really awesome! I’ve talked about long-distance friendships here on Joy Because Grace before (see this post containing tips and stories and this post about what to do before your friend moves). Today, I’m going to be telling you about my all-time favorite way to stay in touch with my long-distance bestie. :) Quick backstory… My best friend Michaela and I have had a long-distance friendship for about 8 or so years. Over the years, we have more »


The following is a guest post by Janae Biologically, ladies and gents are programmed to look for a mate.  Let me be the first to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way if we are conscious of our interactions! Platonic friendships between genders are possible but require a bit more thought. Ladies, I would like to give you some simple advice about your friendships with guys. There is likely to be a time when you will have more »


Confession: I like making everyone happy. And when one of my friends is hurting due to a situation that I can do nothing to fix? Well, during those times I tend to ignore the fact that I can do nothing to fix the problem and go a little crazy trying to do things to cheer them up: Jump through hoops. Attempt to juggle. Tight-rope walk. Join a circus ;) But in all honesty, I know there is nothing I can truly more »


Have you ever felt left out by people you thought were your friends? Me too. It was Spring Break 2016, and my family had a bunch of family friends from church over to our house for a great big get-together. After dinner, some of the kids (who were all teenagers lol) wanted to go to a local ice cream shop for dessert. I heard a few of them mention this idea and then went into planner mode. I scurried around my house, more »


Dates aren’t just for boyfriends and girlfriends. After all, remember the playdates you went on when you were little? Those were great! Getting together with a dear friend and playing pretend. Let’s bring back playdates… only now let’s call them “Best Friend Dates.” Seems more grown up to me. :) Today I want to share four “best friend date” ideas with you. These ideas are targeted for the summer months, but you can adapt them for any time of year. more »