The Golden Vlog- Christmas

It’s time for December’s golden volg :) This month is all about CHRISTMAS!!! Yay :) I love Christmas and am so excited for this vlog. Let’s dive right in:   The Exploding Box: My Apartment’s Christmas Decorations:   Let me know: What’s your favorite Christmas song? This post is linked up with The Golden Vlog. you might also like: I Became a Christmas Tree The Day Kyle Was Born


So often I face the temptation to compare the story God is writing in my life to the story He is writing in someone else’s. Can you relate? We look at how they are serving God or how God is using then or listen to a beautiful testimony… and we feel inequitable and not useful. We forget that we have a unique and special story to tell and a unique place in the body of Christ. To illustrate this point, more »

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Christmas is quickly approaching! I don’t know about you, but I only have two weeks left until Christmas break. TWO. Those two weeks are full of projects, tests, presentations, stress… and final. The end of a semester can get pretty crazy, and last minute Christmas shopping on top of finals only adds to the crazy. While at college you’re always meeting new people and making new friends. Even if you haven’t known your new friends for very long and thus more »


So, Halloween was lots of fun :) I dressed up in the ceiling fan costume I made last year, and then spent the day helping one of my besties, Bre, make her Halloween costume. She decided to be a scarecrow, and I had a blast stuffing her with straw. While we were at the dollar store buying costume supplies, I stumbled across some foam swords. And got really excited. Because foam swords are awesome. So I bought 3 swords so Bre and more » (14)

A few weeks ago I posted about Operation Christmas Child and challenged us to pack one more shoe box this year than we did last year. My fellow college students, this challenge is for us too. I know how easy it is to pull the “But I’m a poor college student!!” excuse, or the “But I’m so busy!” excuse. Don’t. No excuses. These children have nothing. Zip. Nada. This may be their first present ever. Their first time hearing about Jesus. So that more »