yellow roses

So Valentine’s Day was last month, in case you were unaware ;) And the day before Valentine’s day I spontaneously decided that I wanted to decorate my apartment for Valentine’s and surprise my roommates. So I made a quick Walmart run. And oh my goodness, let me tell you that Walmart on Valentine’s Eve is one of the cheeriest places ever. There were roses lined up and down the isles and red heart shaped balloons in the air. *Sighs.* The more »

January recommended reads

Ah January. The month where Texas couldn’t decide if it wanted to be hot or cold. ;) I’ve decided to try out something new (for CWK) today. During the month of January, I read so many fantastic blog posts and I decided to share them with you :) I’ve divided the posts into four categories: faith, encouragement, relationships, and for fun. I hope these posts bless you as much as they blessed me. So grab a cup of coffee (or more »

Why I love Frozen

Disney’s Frozen, AKA best movie ever, came out two years ago today!! WHOA!! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It seems like just a month ago I was that senior in high school who was more excited about the new Disney princesses than she was about graduation. No really… That was me… I was (and still am) a complete Frozen fan girl. But when I was a junior and senior in high school, I loved to peruse Pinterest in search for the more »


Sometimes people leave. Sometimes by their own choice or by a family decision. Sometimes people just switch schools or move to a completely new town or even a new state. Sometimes people wish they could stay, they just can’t right now. They have to go away. Maybe this time apart is a season. A season that will last a few months, or maybe it will be several years before they move back nearby. Maybe this friendship will be long distance more »


Seasons are beautiful. Each brings new excitement and activities to look forward to. In winter there’s Christmas and New Years and Valentine’s Day and the hope of snow. In spring there’s Spring Break and Easter and wild flowers alongside the road. In summer there’s the Fourth of July and no school and swimming pools and beaches and Vacation Bible Schools. In autumn there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving and football and changing leaves and pumpkins. Each season comes with hopes and dreams. more »