When did you have your first crush on a guy? I remember this one time I had a  conversation with a boy in my homeschool co-op cooking class when I was in the 3rd grade. It was the last day of co-op before Christmas break and we had made marshmallow snowmen that day. After class, the guy told me he liked my snowman, and my insides felt like they could melt! I went home that day, thinking he was super more »

It can be hard to wait when we can't see what goes on behind the scenes. Here are four lessons about waiting that we can learn from going out to eat.

The following is a guest post by my friend, Bonnie For the past two summers and over my last Christmas break, I worked as a hostess at a steak restaurant close to where I live. I loved my job as a hostess: the community I had with my coworkers always filled me with so much joy, I never had to lift any heavy trays and I got to spend my shifts welcoming people in and talking to them. It was more »


A few months ago, I saw the movie 17 Again for the first time. And OMGoodness! I loved it SOOO much! (I have no clue why I hadn’t seen it sooner. For one, I love the movie 13 going on 30, and from what I knew about 17 Again I thought it was similar to that. For two, it has Zac Efron in it… and I had a major crush on him when I was 12. #TroyBolton #Sighs.) Anywho… My favorite part was when the more »


About a month ago, I broke up with Instagram. And let me tell you, it hasn’t been as easy nor simple as I thought it would be. Going this long without Instagram is really, really, really hard. One of my friends deleted Instagram the same day I did. I admitted to her a few times that it’s been really hard staying off of Instagram, and I asked her if she had been having the same struggle. She said she hadn’t been, more »


This past Wednesday, November 8th, I broke up with Instagram. That’s right. I officially called things off. In other words, I deleted the app. And let me tell you that going without Instagram these past few days has been really, really hard. This weekend was my university’s annual pageant, which I participated in last year. It’s been really hard staying off of Instagram. I want to see other people’s posts about the pageant and I want to post a mushy post more »