About a month ago, I broke up with Instagram. And let me tell you, it hasn’t been as easy nor simple as I thought it would be. Going this long without Instagram is really, really, really hard. One of my friends deleted Instagram the same day I did. I admitted to her a few times that it’s been really hard staying off of Instagram, and I asked her if she had been having the same struggle. She said she hadn’t been, more »


This past Wednesday, November 8th, I broke up with Instagram. That’s right. I officially called things off. In other words, I deleted the app. And let me tell you that going without Instagram these past few days has been really, really hard. This weekend was my university’s annual pageant, which I participated in last year. It’s been really hard staying off of Instagram. I want to see other people’s posts about the pageant and I want to post a mushy post more »


Last Sunday I arrived at my church about 5 minutes after the service had started and the praise team was singing “Great are You, Lord.” I smiled to myself. Awe I love this song! We sang it at Declare! I slipped into a pew at the back and began to sing along. The sermon that day was about how God meets our needs. It was based on Matt. 6:25-34.  Have you ever sat in a sermon where it feels like the pastor is more »


“So Kara, do you have a boyfriend?” Someone might ask. “Nope!” I would cheerfully say with a smile. Or better yet– “I saw you with that guy the other day. Are y’all dating?” “Nope, we’re just friends.” Or my personal “favorite” — “Are you and so and so still dating?” “No… We never were dating.” Lol! I’ve been asked these questions so many times, my answers are now on auto-response it seems. *Chuckles* Sometimes it feels like we’re living in more » (2)

Confession: This past month I have been extremely discontent. And the worst part is, I didn’t even realize I was discontent until I was knee-deep in the quick sand of envy and longing, trapped, unable to move. I felt like I was suffocating. I was unable to let go of my discontentment and move on with my life- to do the things God called me to do. I felt unworthy to encourage others to be content, when I myself was struggling. Finally, more »