This past Wednesday, November 8th, I broke up with Instagram. That’s right. I officially called things off. In other words, I deleted the app. And let me tell you that going without Instagram these past few days has been really, really hard. This weekend was my university’s annual pageant, which I participated in last year. It’s been really hard staying off of Instagram. I want to see other people’s posts about pageant and I want to post a mushy post about more »


Last Sunday I arrived at my church about 5 minutes after the service had started and the praise team was singing “Great are You Lord.” I smiled to myself. Awe I love this song! We sang it at Declare! I slipped into a pew at the back and began to sing along. The sermon that day was about how God meets our needs. It was based off of Matt. 6:25-34.  Have you ever sat in a sermon where it feels like the pastor more »


“So Kara, do you have a boyfriend?” Someone might ask. “Nope!” I would cheerfully say with a smile. Or better yet– “I saw you with that guy the other day. Are y’all dating?” “Nope, we’re just friends.” Or my personal “favorite” — “Are you and so and so still dating?” “No… We never were dating.” Lol! I’ve been asked these questions so many times, my answers are now on auto-response it seems. *Chuckles* Sometimes it feels like we’re living in more »

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Confession: This past month I have been extremely discontent. And the worst part is, I didn’t even realize I was discontent until I was knee-deep in the quick sand of envy and longing, trapped, unable to move. I felt like I was suffocating. I was unable to let go of my discontentment and move on with my life- to do the things God called me to do. I felt unworthy to encourage others to be content, when I myself was struggling. Finally, more »

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Discontentment is an easy trap to fall into. We see someone who has something we don’t have, and we think that thing is pretty cool. We begin to admire that thing. Wonder what it would be like if we had it. We wonder why we don’t have it. Wonder how we could get it. BOOM. We’ve fallen into discontentment. It can happen with anything. When we’re little, it happens with our friends’ toys. Maybe they had a trampoline, or a more »