surrendering singleness (1)

“I surrender all. I surrender all. All to Thee my blessed Savior, I surrender all.” I’ve grown up hearing that hymn. I’ve also heard numerous sermons over the years which ask the question, “Do you really surrender all? Or do you only surrender most?” And the preachers challenge us to only sing those words if we really mean them. Being the literalist that I am, after hearing those sermons I would typically just hum. “Hmm hmm hmm hm hmmm. Hmm more » (88)

 The following is a guest post by Rachel of Chasing Chels It seems as though Valentine’s Day has always resonated as an anticipated holiday for couples and a depressing one for singles. I’ll be the first to admit that nope, it’s not much fun to spend Valentine’s Day alone. “But hey,” everyone consoles you, “God’s just saving you for the right person.” They give you the sympathetic smile, the familiar head tilt, the comforting eyes. The statement is most certainly more »

singleness is a blessing

A few weeks ago, a cheerful third grade girl plopped down by me on the pew before church started. I smiled. During the summer, this girl would often ask her parents if she could sit by me during church, and I’d missed visiting with her every Sunday. We chit chatted for a while, and I asked her how school was going and how her Thanksgiving break was. Then the topic of Christmas came up and she said she was really more »

The secret to contentment

It’s so hard! It’s so stinkin’ hard!  It’s so hard not to become jealous when you see someone else who has something you want. It’s so hard to be genuinely happy for them. So hard to smile when you’re heart is aching. Currently, in this phase of my life, it’s hard for me to be happy when I see cute couples who are dating. It’s hard for me to see strangers who are smiling, holding hands and walking to class, more »

What to pray for your future husband

Continuing in the theme of “praying for our future husbands” that we’ve been discussing this month, today I’m sharing a few ideas as to what we can pray for our future husbands. {See also: why we should pray for our future husbands and ways to pray for our future husbands.} This is just a list to help get us started. There are countless things we can pray for the man we will one day marry. {My friend Abigail also wrote a post containing topics to more »