The following is a guest post by Katie of Our Seasons of Grace. It’s over. Two little words that changes life in a split second. These words can be in the form of: ‘it’s not you, it’s me’; ‘it’s just not working’; ‘I’ve realized I’m not ready’ and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what is said, the blow rarely softens the pain. Hearing these words, or being the one to bear the news, doesn’t change the feeling like more »

God Writes Unique Love Stories

It seems like just yesterday my childhood best friend and I were dressing up for our pretend weddings. These weddings always took place during her younger siblings’ nap time. We would quietly slip upstairs, and then get ready to say “I do.” We would take turns being the bride and the groom was always my friend’s giant stuffed animal dog who we pretended was the man of our dreams. The other one of us would be the minister, proudly pronouncing more »

best things about singleness

Is it just me, or does singleness often get a bad reputation? Generally, people tend to think negatively about being single, like it’s just a season to wait around until something better comes along and life can really start. We often ignore the beautiful and happy aspects of singleness. Today, however, this will not be the case. Around Valentine’s Day, I asked my fellow singles* (on the Peony Project and via my personal Facebook page) to fill out a brief anonymous survey more » (23)

Discontentment is an easy trap to fall into. We see someone who has something we don’t have, and we think that thing is pretty cool. We begin to admire that thing. Wonder what it would be like if we had it. We wonder why we don’t have it. Wonder how we could get it. BOOM. We’ve fallen into discontentment. It can happen with anything. When we’re little, it happens with our friends’ toys. Maybe they had a trampoline, or a more » (20)

The following is a guest post by Diane of Happy Wife and Mother Dear Sisters in Christ, So pleased and excited to be able to share here today as a guest post contributor for Kara.  My passion is to encourage women in their calling as daughters of the King!  To encourage them to truly embrace sweet womanhood whether single, dating, courting or married.  You see, a woman full of faith, understanding, wisdom and joy in believing is something to behold. more »