Fun fact about me: I LOVE surveys! I love taking them and hosting them. So thus I take several reader surveys throughout the year. This is Joy Because Grace’s end of the year survey, and I would love, love, LOVE it if you would take a second to fill it out :) The results will let me get to know you a bit, as well as know how to plan out 2018 for Joy Because Grace. You can take the more »

This week on Instagram, I am hosting a giveaway of Tracy Levinson’s book “unashamed!” I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So much! I’ve already written out a review of the book, and if you’d like to check that out you can do so by clicking here. This book is written for young adult women, who are single, dating, or recently engaged.  If the book sounds interesting and helpful for you, I encourage you to enter the giveaway over on my more »


Hey friends! I’ve been wanting to participate in the #FiveMinuteFriday link up for a while, but my Fridays have been crazy (and I mean, cray to the zee!) so I haven’t gotten to yet. So today, I’m delighted to take part in this fun challenge, to write for five minutes on this one word prompt: Embrace. This is a free write challenge, so there’s no editing or revision or rewording. Just my thoughts straight from my heart :) If you’d more »

Singleness Survey!!

Last year around Valentine’s Day, I surveyed about 50 singles (not married- so single or dating) about how they viewed singleness, the pros and cons of singleness, among other things. And now, it’s time for this year’s singleness survey!! So if you are single (meaning NOT married), I would love it if you could fill out this brief survey. Thank you so much! (If the form below doesn’t work, you can access the singleness survey here.) Loading… Thank you so more »


IT’S FINALLY TIME!!! Whoo hoo!! I’ve been wanting to rename CWK for like forever now! And the time has finally come! So I’m happy to introduce y’all to Joy Because Grace. “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith…” -Ephesians 2:8 We have joy, because we have grace. Because Jesus saved us from our sin and ourselves, we have joy. There is joy in our lives because there is grace in our lives. This fact shouldn’t change more »