My name is Taylor Alexander and I am 25. I am currently a law student, but I also work part-time tutoring middle school students. I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, singing, and watching television whenever I get the time.

taylor-2What’s your singleness story?

I have been single for approximately five years. Throughout these years, I have gone back and forth with God. One day, I’m completely surrendered and the next day, I’ve “given up” because I’ve allowed worry and fear rule. I can be patient for one week of the month, while the rest of the month is filled with me taking matters into my own hands.

I currently, however, have this fresh peace that is carrying me through most of my days, and I am finding joy with spending this season with God.

What’s the best thing about singleness?

The best thing about being single is learning God and yourself. Through this time, I’ve been able to truly seek God, find Him, and through this, I’ve began to discover who I am and how God sees me. I’ve been able to embrace and fall into God’s love.

taylor-1What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to singleness?

My biggest struggle when it comes to singleness would probably have to be given it to God. I love being in control and I have a hard time just letting all of my worries go.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your fellow singles?

My advice is that you be completely honest with God. Focus right now on building and developing an intimate relationship with God. Talk to Him. Vent to Him. Un-mask yourself before Him. Be real with Him.

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