Chatbooks are pretty much my most favorite thing ever.

I discovered Chatbooks through the families I babysat for this past summer. The moms used this simple way of scrapbooking as a way to record their kids’ lives.

Well, I don’t have kids, but I am a busy college student who wants to physically record my adventures without breaking the bank. And Chatbooks is a great way to do so. It’s so fun!

If you’ve been around Joy Because Grace for a while, you know I hardly never do product reviews. In fact, this is my first one. However, I LOVE this service so much I knew I needed to do a Chatbooks review at some point. {Plus, I can get you a free book :) More on that in a bit.}

{Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this review, but if you sign up using my referral link I get $5 of Chatbooks credit and you get a free Chatbook. My referral link will be marked with an *.}

Once I discovered Chatbooks, I fell in love immediately.

Chatbooks turn what you’re already doing on Instagram or Facebook into cute, 6in x 6in photo books.

It is an app (and website) to which you connect your Facebook or Instagram account (or your camera roll favorites on your phone). Then automatically as you post photos to your social media account the pictures go into your Chatbook series. The caption you posted stays the same, and the date you posted it is there, as well as a location if you included that.

It literally does everything for you without you even having to think about it.

Each Chatbook in a series contains 60 photos, so once  you’ve posted 60 pics, they’ll email you telling you you have another Chatbook full. (Best email ever!)

Then you have 3 days to go in and delete or add any photos you want. You can also rearrange the book or change the cover (the first picture in the book is automatically the cover) or edit captions, locations, and dates.

Once your three days are up, the book will automatically be sent to print, and then it will be shipped for you.

All for a grand total of $8 per book. 

You read that right. Eight dollars.

Oh, and did I mention there’s free shipping?

Have you heard of Chatbooks before? Chatbooks are an amazing way to record your memories without taking up a lot of time. Here's a full Chatbooks review.

Four reasons why you need Chatbooks in your life.

Chatbooks aren’t just for moms of littles. It’s for every photo lover who wants to have an affordable way to record their memories.

Here is why you should consider Chatbooks…

1. You take a bunch of pictures.

2. You don’t have time to scrapbook.

3. You want a cheap and automated way to make photo books.

4. Chatbooks are just plain adorable.

But seriously, how cute are they?!?


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Two Ways to Chatbook…

Now that you know what Chatbooks are and how they can benefit you, let’s look at two ways you can use Chatbooks.

1. Series.

This option is the one that automatically adds each picture you post to Instagram or Facebook to your books.

2016-11-25-19-27-56It’s an ongoing subscription. Every 60 photos equals a new book in that book series. On the spine of these books, it will have the title of your series (mine is “Kara Beth: The College Years”), which volume number it is, and the date range of the pictures of that book.

These books come in two options: hardcover or softcover, and both are 6in by 6in. The hardcover books have a grey spine and are $13. The softcover books have a white spine and are $8 (that’s what I do).

You pay for the books once they get shipped to you. Meaning, if it takes you 6 months to post 60 pictures, you’ll only pay $8 every 6 months.


Chatbooks Review


2. Custom Books.Chatbooks Review

Custom books are what you think of when you hear the word “scrapbook”– books that tend to revolve around one occasion or person.

A custom book can have between 30 and 366 photos in it. You can either upload the pictures you want to include or connect it to an Instagram or Facebook account.

I like to give custom books as presents. I’ve made each of my best friends a custom book, as well as the family I nannied for this summer.


A walk through of my Chatbooks App.

When I open my Chatbooks app on my phone this is what I see…

2016-11-25-19-26-091. The top one is a book series my best friend and I are making together. (You can have more than one contributor for a book!!) We have a special hashtag on Instagram for pictures of us, and so whenever one of us uses that hashtag that picture goes into our book! All of our other Instagram pictures are automatically excluded. Hashtag books are such a great feature that Chatbooks has.

2. Then there’s my personal series that’s connected to my Instagram as well as my camera roll (that way I can include pictures that I wouldn’t necessarily post to Instagram). More on this series below.

3. Then there’s a custom book I’m making for one of my friends for her birthday (shh, it’s a surprise!).

4. Lastly, you see a custom book I’m making for an event I was in a few weeks ago.


Above is the first volume in my personal series. 

The dates you see on top of the book are the date range of the photos that are in the book. Once the book has shipped, it is locked and you can’t edit it anymore.


Here you see the volume I’m currently working on.

Below the volume you see that I’ve added 30 of 60 photos, so I’m halfway to a new Chatbook!! *Confetti!*

I’m now averaging about one volume a month since I’ve started adding pictures from my camera roll in addition to my Instagram account.

The first date you see is the date of the first picture in the book. The second date is the date of the last picture in the book, so far. Eventually, the last date will continue to change until there are 60 pictures in the book.


I can edit my current volume on this screen by dragging and dropping photos to rearrange them as well as excluding photos. Once I exclude a photo it goes to the “122 excluded” button you see, that way if I change my mind I don’t have to re-upload that picture, I can just re-include it.


This is how I would preview my volume. I can see which photos will lay next to each other, as well as see the date, caption, and location set for the photos.


If I were to rotate my phone, I can have a page-by-page preview of my book, and actually flip through it.

I use my Chatbooks like a journal, recording my day-to-day life. I try to capture my mundane moments so someday I can look back and remember what my life was like back in my early 20s.


As you may have picked up by now, I like writing :) Sometimes I write long captions on Instagram; when the caption is longer than 300 characters Chatbooks will make a separate text page for the description. You can also add in text pages if you want.

Chatbooks is an amazing service that I’m kinda sorta obsessed with.

You can learn more about Chatbooks by visiting their FAQ here and their blog here. You can also learn more and get inspiration by visiting their Instagram @chatbooks.

Get your first book free when you start a series!

Reason why I love Chatbooks #1054: They give each of their users their own customized referral link to give to their friends so their friends can get their first book free when they start a series! Once their friend signs up for the series, they get $5 of Chatbooks credit.

So once you sign up for Chatbooks, you can share your link with your friends and gain Chatbooks credit! How awesome is that?

Anywho, here’s my link so you can get your first book free.*  :)

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5 thoughts on “Chatbooks 101

  1. Carol

    I created a chatbook that will go to print in three days, on the bind I have a title and it also has the dates of the pics (ex: nov-Jan). How do I remove the dates??


  2. Wren

    Wonderful post. You answered many questions that were not covered on the Chatbook website and including photos with in-depth explanations is extremely helpful. Now that I know what to expect when making a Chatbook, I feel more confident and am excited to make my first.

    Thanks ever so much.


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