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Hello everyone! This is Hanha from Transparency! I’m so excited to be joining you all today on Coffee with Kara! Wanna know a secret? This is my FIRST guest post! *insert applause* So what an honor it is to be guest posting! Just a few little tidbits about me: I am also a fellow college-blogger insanely in love with the true King! I am a psychology major and a chemistry minor at UNC! Go Heels! But if you’d like to know more about me or how I met Jesus, check out my testimony here.

While I was thinking about what to write for this post, I was really nervous because I’ve never wrote a guest post before. Sooooo like any nervous person would, I researched guest post etiquette. Is that doing too much? Possibly. Whoops! But being a fellow college blogger and reading some of Kara’s beautiful posts as well other great faith-based blogs, I’ve noticed some trends. I will definitely be speaking from personal experience, but I thought that this would be an interesting way to showcase what I’ve learned in the past few months that I’ve been blogging. So are you ready? Here we go! 5 things to expect from a Christian blog:

1. Expect posts about Jesus. 

If you know Jesus for yourself, you know what I mean when I say that you cannot get enough of Him. Spending time with God and experiencing His presence and the fullness of His love, it fills your soul in a way where you cannot do anything but talk about Him. I know that’s how I feel. It just blows my mind that God sent His precious son, Jesus, to die on the cross for someone like me. Someone who is prideful, always wants to be in control, and sometimes rude to people who care about her. But then I can just ask God to forgive me and in return I am given eternal life? WHAT? It leaves me speechless and/or in tears every time I think about it.

2. Expect prayer.

If there’s anything that I appreciate, it’s the power of prayer. James 5:16 says that prayer of the righteous availeth much. I definitely pray for my readers, and I think it’s safe to say that many other Christian bloggers do too. Like me, they’re most likely praying about what posts they should write about and for the people who are reading their posts. And I’m pretty sure if you specifically asked them to pray about something that is challenging you, they would love to pray about that too!

3. Expect randomness.

Although it is a common misconception, being a Christian does not imply that all I do is go to church every night of the week and pretend to be perfect. I mean I really do try to be perfect, but it’s an idol for me that I’m working on. I do, however, love to go to church (refer to point no. 1). But back to the point, I’m just like any regular person and have a life too! And if I’m being real transparent, then I have to be honest and say that I can do extremely weird things. Need an example? One time, I locked myself in the closet pantry and yelled at the top of my lungs because I didn’t think anyone would hear me.. I know I’m strange, but sometimes I just want to blog about that too, ya know?

4. Expect creativity.

This is associated with point no. 3, but I’m convinced that with randomness comes creativity! As a blogger, you have to keep your readers interested. I know from personal experience that readers don’t want to keep reading about the same things over and over again. Not only is that boring, but it’s slightly annoying too.

5. Expect community.

We love to make friends! I mean who doesn’t? We love comments, we love questions, we love beautiful and random things! When I first started blogging, I would read other people’s blogs, but I would always hesitate to do the things that I mentioned above. Christian bloggers and any other blogger for that matter care about what their readers have to say! That’s how you build a community. It’s what makes something special, so in saying that, comment below!

What do you think about this list? Way off track or right on point? I’d love to hear what you have to say!


Hanha Hobson is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, in which she is aspiring to be a doctor. Through her blog, Transparency, she has been able to describe her thoughts, feelings, but especially her love for Jesus in words in hopes that it will touch someone’s life.

When she isn’t blogging, she loves spending time with friends or being cuddled up in bed watching Netflix. But this summer, Hanha has the honor of being a counselor at Victory Junction, which is a serious fun camp for children with chronic illnesses. You can see more of her story on her blog!

If you’d like to connect more with Hanha, follow her on Instagram and Twitter and friend her on Facebook!