What if I told you there is a way you could quickly turn a set of notecards into a customized practice test? Or that you could use those terms to play a game against fellow classmates… when you are miles apart from each other?

Well, with Quizlet you can do all that and more!

Quizlet is a fantastic, versitile study tool that allows you to create “study sets” of terms and definitions and then study them like note cards. Quizlet also allows you to create customizable practice tests that you can take online or print out to use as a study guide. Quizlet also has fun games you can play to learn your material.

Sounds awesome, right?

The following is an indepth tutorial for Quizlet. I cover the website (quizlet.com) first, and then move on to the app.

In this tutorial you will learn…

  • How to make a Quizlet account
  • How to make a set on Quizlet
  • Six different methods you can study a set on the website
  • How to create a class
  • How to study a set with the app

Ya ready? Let’s get started!! :)

If you are a student, you NEED to check out Quizlet. Portable notecards I can access on my phone? Check. Practice tests auto-generated for me? Check. Learn more in this COMPLETE guide to Quizlet.

To Make An Account:

When you go to quizlet.com, this will be the screen you see. Click the “Sign Up” button in the top right hand corner.


Then you will see this page. Click “continue to free Quizlet.”

After Login

Then you are able to create a Quizlet account. You will need to create a username and password. You will also need to use an email address. Once you’ve imputed all your info, click “sign up.”

How to Sign up

Then you will see this page:


Congrats! You have a Quizlet account!

To Make a Set:

Now that you have an account, you’ll want to know how to make your sets of “notecards.”

To do so, click the “Create a Study Set” button in the top middle of the page.

To Make a Set 1

Then you will see the page below.

First you need to name your set. Example: “Anatomy Vocab Unit 1.”

To Make a Set 2

Then you have an option to adjust the visibility settings, as you see below on the right hand side of the screen. I usually just leave my sets visible to everyone, as they don’t contain personal info.

Next, start typing your terms and definitions in the spaces below. Treat these spaces like the sides of a note card. You will have to choose a language for your terms. Most often it will distinguish which language you are using.

If you are using a different language, it will provide you a keyboard of special letters for that language. For instance, when I tell Quizlet I’m typing in Spanish, it will give me letters with accent marks over them. Awesome!


To Make a Set 3

Keep typing terms until you finish. Then click “Create.”

To Make a Set 5Then you will see this box. You have the option to share your set with others, which can come in handy if you have friends in your class. You also can add the set to a class you’re in (more on that later) or to a folder. You can also share on Facebook or Twitter (I usually don’t).

If you don’t want to share your set, just hit the X.

To Make a Set 6

Now you’ll see this screen. Congrats! You’ve made your first set!

To Make a Set 7

What to do With Your Set:

Okay, you made a set! Now what?

You have 6 options: Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, and Gravity.


When you use the flashcards, to switch sides of the card you click the “Click to flip” button on the bottom right hand side of the card. Or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You also can conveniently edit the card by clicking the “edit” button as shown below. You can also “star” the card if you’re having difficulty with it and review it separately later.

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see the option to adjust the motion of the of the flip of the card. You can also choose if you would like to hear the terms or not.  You can then choose which side of the card you would like to see first. Lastly, you can choose to shuffle the cards if you want.



Kay, so when you first click on Learn, you will see something similar to what you see below. You can choose if you want the term or the definition first (left side of screen).

So what you do is you type the term for the definition you see. So, for example, I would type “Perro” below. Then I would hit “Answer.”


Once you hit enter, it will tell you if you got it write or wrong.

Learn 2

If you get it wrong, it will show you the correct answer. If you simply made a spelling error, you can hit the “Override, I was right,” button as seen below.

Learn 3

Once you’ve finished going through all the terms, you’ll hit a Checkpoint. Here it will show you how many you got right or wrong. Then you press any key to continue, and you’ll repeat the activity, but only with the terms you got incorrect.

Learn 4

Once you get all of the terms correct, it will show you your progress. You can then start completely over, or “star” the terms you got incorrect and only study those.

Learn 5


Basically for Speller, it says the word and you have to type it. I’ve never done Speller before, and so can’t adequately give instructions.


The option to create practice tests is amazing! So helpful! If you know what format your test/quiz will be in class, you can format your practice test on Quizlet to mimic the real deal by changing what types of questions you are shown.

The “question limit” option is nice too. Because I only made 10 terms, this test uses all 10 of them. However, if you have a set with more terms, the question limit is ALWAYS preset to 20. So if you would like Quizlet to make you one test using all of your terms, just tell it to.

Example: Change “20 of 34 avaliable terms” to “34 of 34 avaliable terms.”

You can also print the test.


Once you take the test it will grade it for you. It will also show you the correct answers to those you got wrong.

Test 2


Scatter is one of my favorite activities to do on Quizlet.

It’s a really fun game where you have to drag terms to their definition and then, if you got it right, the terms will vanish. If you got it wrong, the terms will fly across the screen.

You are timed, so you can try to get faster and faster. If the set you are using is a part of a class, other students’ times will appear on the score ranking. Thus, you can compete against your fellow classmates to see who will get the fastest time. So much fun!



Gravity is a new game, and so I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet.

Basically, the terms fall on asteroids and you have to type in the correct definition (or vice versa) in order to destroy them.


If you are too slow, you will have to copy the correct answer on the screen below before you may proceed.

Gravity 2

How to Create a Class:

Have a friend taking the same class as you? Want to study with them at a distance? Create a Quizlet Class and then you can both add sets to it! :)

So on the home page for the set, under “tools” you will see the option to add the set to a class. Click on that, and then this box will show up. Then click “Create a new class.”

Class 1

Then you will name your class, give a description to the class (optional), and then chose whether or not other class members can add sets and new members. Then you have to add your school. Lastly, click on “Create Class.”

Class 2

Now you can add sets and members to the class.

Class 3

The App:

Did you know Quizlet also has an app? Yup!! It’s fantastic! Now you can study on the go :)

Just download the app from the app store and then login using the username and password you created.

Then click on a set you would like to study.

As you see you have the option to study the set with Cards, with Learn, or with Match (a game similar to Scatter).

Quizlet app 1

When studying with the flash cards, you have all the same options on the app as you do on the website.


Learn on the app is similar to the website as well. It tells you the definition and you have to type the term.


Match is, well, just that- matching :) You match the term to the definition and then they go away. Like Scatter, this is timed. In fact, this game is linked to Scatter. So if you play it on the app and then go back to Scatter on the website, you will see your new top score might be what you won on Match.


Now you know how to use Quizlet!!

Quizlet is one of my very favorite ways to study. I love how it has so many different applications and how there are so many different ways I can use it to study- from playing games, to the traditional note cards, to practice tests.

I hope Quizlet will become one of your favorite methods of studying too :)


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