I’ve only been back on campus for a little over a week now but that’s apparently plenty of time to have more than a fair share of kitchen adventures.

Who knew cooking could be such a learning experience? ;)

Basically I’ve learned this week that I’m nowhere near food-blogger status. Oh wells. Maybe someday.

Anywho, here are my kitchen adventures from this week.

1. Our first night in our apartment, my roommate and I cooked a frozen pizza. And we discovered that we don’t own a pizza pan. So we made it as best as we could on a cookie sheet… and cut off the edges so it would fit. So we had a oblong rectangle oval pizza. Very delicious, but very weirdly cut pieces.

Note to self: Add ‘pizza pan’ to the shopping list. Or buy a rectangular pizza next time.

kitchen adventure 1

2. One of my besties, Bre (the girl from this embarrassing story of mine), taught me how to make really good scrambled egg tacos with tomatoes and bell peppers.

kitchen adventure 2

The next day, I decided to recreate these scrambled eggs. However, I realized I didn’t have tomatoes or bell peppers. Being the aspiring cook that I am, I decided to experiment. I like broccoli and cheddar soup, why not broccoli scrambled eggs??

So I carefully chose a sprig of broccoli (read- ONE sprig. I’m learning to like veggies. Baby steps.) and pulled it apart into teeny tiny little green specks and sprinkled it on the eggs.
Then I realized that my roommate and I didn’t have any tortillas. So I got out the loaf of bread and made a scrambled egg + broccoli sandwich.

It was alright…

Note to self: According to Bre, scrambled eggs and broccoli do NOT go together, and I should leave the experimentation to the professionals…

3. My roommate, Bre, Bre’s roommate and I decided to have fajitas and a movie night on Friday.
Bre and I thought it would be a great idea to make salsa and guacamole to go with the fajitas. Because yes.

So we put all the ingredients in the blender and added to it and tweaked it until it looked perfect and we thought we should taste test. That’s when we realized we didn’t have any tortilla chips.


So Bre and I had to run to CVS to get tortilla chips while our roommates started cooking the fajitas. (CVS because we can pay for things with our student ID card. #SaveMoney.)

Note to self: If you want to make salsa and guacamole, make sure you have chips first to go with it.

kitchen adventure 4

4. My roommate and I decided to bake cookies this past Sunday afternoon. We thought it would be a good idea to double the recipe so we’d have enough cookies to share and to last us the week. So we started adding ingredients and mixing the dough, and it wasn’t too long until we realized the small (but cute) bowl we were using wouldn’t be sufficient for all of this dough.

So we searched our kitchen for something bigger. And we found a spaghetti pot. So we made cookie dough in a spaghetti pot. But hey, it worked!

Note to self: Our cute mixing bowls aren’t big enough for a double batch of cookies. But cookie dough is delicious, so it’s always worth making, even if you have to stir it in a spaghetti pot. But, maybe add a bigger bowl to the shopping list. You can get one when you get the pizza pan :)

kitchen adventure 5 (1)

I love having a kitchen this year. And I’m really excited to learn how to cook- it is one of my Sophomore goals after all.

Hopefully as this year progresses I’ll learn how to make proper scrambled eggs, and learn how to take inventory of supplies and ingredients before diving in to create my scrumptious creations.

Basically the moral of this post is “make a shopping list“. (You hear that, Kara??) Know what you need before you need it. And then cook all the things!

Have a great Monday, y’all!
I’m off to eat a cookie :)